School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur

Faculty Recruitment

The School of Management and Entrepreneurship (SME) at IIT Jodhpur aspires to revolutionize management education and professional training in India to produce tech-centric future-ready management professionals and thought leaders with a human touch. The School is situated in the sprawling 850-acre campus of IIT Jodhpur, known for its research prowess as India's leading institution. The School currently offers full-fledged programs at the minor, degree, and doctoral levels with a cutting edge curriculum, including its flagship programs of the General MBA and the Tech-MBA. The School believes that well-trained faculty with a penchant for scholarly research and teaching acumen is instrumental in achieving the aspirations.

Applications are invited from the aspiring faculty candidates in the following areas Human Capital, Organizational Behaviour, Leadership, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, E-commerce, Decision Sciences, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Big Data, AI/ML & Business Analytics, Business Policy, Strategic Thinking & Consulting, Economics, Econometrics, Accounting & Corporate Finance, Banking, Risk & Financial Engineering, Research Methods, Systems & Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Law.

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