School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur

Campus Immersion

Campus immersion constitutes a fundamental component of the program, necessitating learners' attendance at designated campus activities and sessions within the immersion period. The fulfillment of campus immersion requirements is imperative for degree attainment. During this period, learners will engage in classroom interactions and have the valuable opportunity to engage with esteemed faculty members at IIT Jodhpur and the School of Management and Entrepreneurship. However, it is important to acknowledge that immersion sessions may be subject to cancellation or postponement contingent upon future emergency circumstances or Covid-19 advisories issued by the Government of India. Should the situation permit adherence to Covid-19 regulations and advisories, learners are expected to participate for a duration of 9-10 days at assigned immersion schedules, aligning with the IIT immersion schedule.

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