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Final Placement

Final Placement Report Batch 2020-2022      Final Placement Report Batch 2021-23

Final Time Placements at SME Jodhpur are proposed to be sub-divided into two processes – Lateral Placement Process – The Lateral Placement Process is typically conducted for candidates having more than 18 months of prior work experience. The lateral placements for the batch of 2020 will start from October 2021. This is a rolling process, and thus firms are encouraged to identify dates convenient to them and the students to visit campus and conduct their process. Individual recruitment specialists from the Corporate Relations Centre Relationship will work closely with the firms in this process. Final Placement Process – The entire graduating class is eligible to participate in the Final Placement Process. Finals 2021 would commence from October 2021 and is thereafter scheduled on specific dates spreading over the next few month (Mentioned in detail below).   

  1. Pre Interview Interaction and Corporate Presentation

    • Organizations are formally invited to participate in the placement process. Recruiters visit the campus for delivering Pre- Placement talks to the students. The Talks are interactive sessions broadly covering a wide spectrum of aspects like company profile, core values, job descriptions, career growth plan, selection procedure and emoluments offered.

  2. Slotting

    • Companies are allocated the day and time slots to hold their final selection process on campus based on the slotting criteria. The slots are communicated to the participating organizations well in advance. Companies are invited to campus based on their convenience and the slot is decided after discussion with the Student Placements Committee.

  3. Application Process and Shortlist

    • Interested students apply to the company and submit their resumes through the Student Placements Committee. The selection process generally consists of resume-based shortlisting and one or more rounds of personal interviews. The placement process is governed by the Institute's placement rules.

  4. Post-placement Process

    • Once a company has made an offer as part of the campus placement process, a candidate is bound to accept/reject the offer within a stipulated time frame. When a candidate accepts/rejects an offer, he/she automatically opts out of the placement process and ceases to be part of the pool of candidates available to companies. The HR managers at the respective companies then take over to guide candidates through the induction and joining process.

NOTE: No charges are levied on companies for participation in the placement process at SME, IIT Jodhpur.

  Final Placement Process

Step 1
(October Onwards)
The company contacts the Placements Committee, schedules a date and makes a PPT to the students interested and eligible to participate in the process.
Step 2
(November Onwards)
The resumes of interested candidates are sent to the company. The company in turn reverts with a shortlist. The company's slot in the placement process is confirmed by the Placement Committee.
Step 3
(December Onwards)
The process begins. Selection processes of various participating companies are organized by slot. Recruitment processes of companies in the same slot progress in parallel.
Step 4
(April Onwards)
Final acceptance of the offers is communicated to the company, and the students are available to join work from May-June 2022.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact the Placement Committee at or Faculty Chair at