School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur


Community Connect is an initiative of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship at IIT Jodhpur to make socially responsible managers. Through community connect, we inculcate a set of managerial practices, structures, procedures, values, and norms among students, that embrace sustainability, responsibility and ethics, and impact organizations and societies. SME's social responsibility is replicated in need to strengthen civic responsibility and in volunteering, ethical approach, developing a sense of community engagement by encouraging students to provide social services to its local community or promote commitment to local and global sustainable development.

Social Sector Attachment
The purpose is to inculcate sensitivity toward human and social issues, which are highly relevant in today's world. Here students are required to affiliate with any NGO Social Ventures and Organisations of the third sector. The aim is to let them evolve as a responsible corporate professional. A team of faculty advisor/s committee was formed to coordinate the students obtain social sector internships. This has to be undertaken during the 1st year winter vacation time (4 weeks).