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About CoEIP


IIT Jodhpur has evolved into a multidisciplinary institution with departments spanning sciences, mathematics, technologies, liberal arts, and management & entrepreneurship. Excellence in inclusive education with the urge to inculcate the spirit of Innovations, Entrepreneurship, and Socio-economic Development has been the focus at IIT Jodhpur. Recognizing the relevance of responsible use of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) as integral to its innovation value chain, IIT Jodhpur has formulated and is actively implementing its institutional IPR policy.

The structured discovery and innovation activities over the last few years have brought to light the need for a Centre of Excellence (CoE) on Intellectual Property in IIT Jodhpur. The faculty and staff members of the centre are expected to be engaged in

The proposed Centre of Excellence on IP will be part of the School of Management & Entrepreneurship (SME).

The CoE will function as a focal point for the exploration of avenues for inter-institutional synergistic collaborations in human resource and capacity building programmes to enhance the value of the combined creative potential and output of these institutions. Further, the CoE would also serve as a continual learning group not only to identify the current and emerging unmet national and regional needs to be addressed but also to research on the impact of evolving technologies and socio-economic frameworks to plan and flag off what lies ahead. The core focus would lie on issues about IP management, viz., patent search, patent technologies, patent analysis, patent landscaping, and commercialization. The CoE would indulge in academic and applied research in the area of IPR.

Vision of CoE

Mission of CoE:

  1. Offer foundational and advanced courses on different aspects of IP and IP use
  2. Creating relevant Doctoral and Post-Doctoral programs
  3. Design and offer short-term certificate/diploma/training programs
  4. Set up an enabling ecosystem for IP identification and filing at IIT Jodhpur
  5. Explore opportunities for IP exploitation
  6. Strategizing IP hedging, IP portfolio generation, etc. for managing innovations originating from the institute and its associate section-8 companies
  7. Extending IP services to TISC and start-up’s incubated at TISC
  8. Consultancy and facilitation services for industry and other institutes/agencies
  9. Promotion of a culture of IP generation and IP commercialization

The CoE would run an IP facilitation Centre which may include human resources from other organisations, supported by JCKIF to provide help and assistance to regional industries, art, and craft on IP issues, and Geographical Indications.

Human resources for the Centre: