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Technical committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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Management and Technology are an integral part of each other; We the Tech-Com, technical Committee of SME IIT Jodhpur is responsible for promoting relevant technical aspects of management. We maintain the Website of our esteemed Institution. Being an interface between various clubs and committees we carry forward all the important aspects online. We also organize various technical events and activities to infuse the technology domain in a prevailing management system.


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Built on the belief of target, train and triumph; the sports committee is a student community dedicated to the development of sports. The Committee works to nurture future industry leaders with a healthy mind and body through sporting activities. Embracing the challenges caused due to the pandemic, Khelo has been conducting online activities to keep up student engagement and enable them to lead a well-balanced life.


Cultural committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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The Cultural Committee of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship aims to bring in the various Indian cultures and traditions to the campus. It aims at instilling a feeling of belonging in the students, so that they feel at home, here at SME, IIT Jodhpur, organizing and celebrating all the regional festivals of India. Sanskriti makes an attempt to provide a stage to the musicians, dancers, actors, painters and the dreamers, to showcase their passion and breathe life into their imagination, in the form of various fests like ‘Pratishtha’ and ‘Sangam’ for celebrating the diversity of India. The committee strives towards providing the students with an opportunity to come out of their busy life and live the moment.


Media committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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"A New World Has Risen. WE Spread the News About It." Voice is the interface through which the outside world and SME are connected to each other. We build responsible relationships with the media and develop the branding of SME. To design and publish monthly/annual magazines for SME.


Social Sector committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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The V-Care committee works in tandem with social sector organizations in order to instil a high level of emotional quotient in business leaders of tomorrow and encourage them to be more socially responsible. IIT Jodhpur has a strong vision to give back to society and help those in need through our dynamic and unique skill sets. We work closely with not-for-profit organisations, organise guest lectures and facilitate the 4 week-long mandatory social sector attachment of students with various NGOs. We also organize various charitable/voluntary activities to inculcate a feeling of togetherness and are committed to serving society through these initiatives.

SME Connect

Industrial and Social Interaction Committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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The SME Connect committee is responsible for conducting school-wide guest sessions for students of MBA, MDP and Ph.D. programs. The Connect platform is meant to serve as the first point of interaction between Industry and the Students. Through SME Connect, the Students of SME would engage in enriching conversations with Industry Leaders across various domains and walks of life, by sharing experiences, and contribute to mutual learning and growth. The platform hosts not only business leaders but notable entrepreneurs and renowned academics as well. The goal is to create a shared learning experience for the students' overall development and provide them with industry insights directly from domain experts.


Admission committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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Keeping up with the essence of the word ‘Embrace’, the admission committee is responsible for being the first point of contact for the future aspirants and candidates who are planning to join SME. Embrace acts as the face of the institute and aims to resolve the queries of the candidates to carry out a seamless admission process. The paramount priority of the committee is to facilitate the admission process for the upcoming batch at SME, IIT Jodhpur. In addition to this, the committee also engages in direct interaction with aspirants through various mediums and strives to maintain a strong social media presence to reach out to a wider audience.


Alumni committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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A-luminaries, the Alumni Committee of SME- IIT Jodhpur, assures an amicable relationship between alumni, students, faculty, and other members. In institution building, this committee seeks to promote, develop, and optimize our forthcoming alumni network and their industry awareness. The committee will keep incoming alumni in contact with their alma mater with a motto of 'Whenever, Wherever, Always Together.' It will be the link between SME-IITJ's past and its present. The committee provides a platform for all stakeholders to share knowledge and support as we unite towards excellence.


Placement committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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The Placement Committee vanguards the on-campus recruitment process for both Summer Internships and Final Placements. It is also responsible for building long standing corporate relationships through Industry Engagement in the form of Guest Lectures, Industry Interaction Series and numerous other confluences.


Business Festival committee at SME IIT Jodhpur
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The BizFest Committee aspires to conduct a multi-day flagship business festival that aims to bring together students from different B-Schools from all over the country and abroad to SME IIT Jodhpur. We intend to provide an enriching experience to the participants by challenging their tech-cognizance, managerial, and leadership skills through this fest. The BizFest Committee further aims to enhance cognition through meaningful interaction with industry veterans and the opportunity to come up with unique solutions to the challenges being faced by society today. The BizFest Committee functions as a forum for learning from the industry's best people and accomplishes this by bringing together leaders from various domains through its conclaves.


The Adventure & Travel Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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Wander - The Adventure Club of IIT Jodhpur is a collective representation of wanderers & explorers, who share a passion for exploring, traveling & tourism. The club aims to promote sustainable tourism by organizing various expeditions, adventure & trekking activities for the students. The objective of the club is to enrich the students’ personalities through travel experiences by inculcating a sense of appreciation for nature.


The Quiz Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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Quizzard - The Quiz club of SME IIT Jodhpur aims to keep the students of SME updated with the latest happenings in various fields of business, sports, technology and public policy making amongst others. The club conducts regular quizzes and also works towards helping students improve their communication skills and present their thoughts and ideas in a more structured and dynamic way with the help of activities such as GDs, Extempore and debates.

Mint Money

The Finance Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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Mint Money - The Finance Club of SME thrives to propagate and foster financial thought and practices amongst the students. It Provides a forum for exchange of ideas in current and emerging areas of finance through various seminars, guest lectures from industry leaders, certifications and organizing trading simulation games.


The Public Speaking Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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The Toastmasters club offers students an opportunity to hone their leadership skills and boost their confidence. The club conducts various activities through which members develop, practice and fine-tune their interpersonal skills.


The IT, Innovations & Analytics Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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The i-Rise Club, has been formed, to impart the knowledge of innovations happening in the exciting field of analytics domain to the students of SME. The club organizes guest lectures and workshops to extend the knowledge of various tools and technologies that aid in building a proper base for future endeavors.


The Entrepreneurship Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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Startups @ SME is the entrepreneurship cell of SME, IIT Jodhpur. It facilitates conversion of students’ ideas into reality by activating and fostering their entrepreneurial spirit. The club strives to encourage students to venture onto the entrepreneurial journey by connecting them with the multifaceted and vibrant ecosystem at Jodhpur and with national / global entrepreneurs who can mentor and inspire them. We also provide the students the knowledge and skills to set them on the path to initiate their own ventures. The club exposes students to the entrepreneurship ecosystem by conducting various activities on its own, partnering with various startup event organizers and participating therein and arranging guest lectures of investors / entrepreneurs. All this to ensure that SME and its parent IIT Jodhpur becomes a hotbed for investment ready startups.


The Marketing Club of SME IIT Jodhpur
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MarkTech, The Marketing club of SME - IIT Jodhpur is a platform for marketing enthusiasts to showcase their penchant for marketing by serving the SME-IITJ Community. Through various activities like Marketing guest Lectures, Brand Quizzes, Case Study competitions, Ad and Flyers contest, and workshops; the club is committed to inculcating in the students of SME, the appreciation for the art and science that marketing is. What sets MarkTech apart is that it is an amalgamation of the present and the future of marketing. With cross-cutting disciplines of analytics and marketing coming to the forefront, the club plans to collaborate with I-Rise (IT & Innovation club), to conduct events with a focus on web, social media and data analytics to help create industry ready marketeers for the technological world of tomorrow.