School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur
School of Management & Entrepreneurship - IIT Jodhpur


‘उद्योगFEST’ is the flagship business festival of the School of Management and Entrepreneurship, IIT Jodhpur. The festival brings students from every corner of the country under one roof to compete in different competitions, allowing participants to experience a holistic learning environment.

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UdyogFEST Logo:

The logo for UdyogFEST has three elements that bring the concept to life. Ghanta Ghar – Clock tower of the old city of Jodhpur, a Camel and the Sun that engulfs the rest of the elements by its wide expanse.

Ghanta Ghar has its significance intricately woven into the historical fabric of the old city Jodhpur. It has been one among the timeless Architectural landmarks right from 1800s. Its height being dominant over neighboring structures naturally made it a place for people to gather creating a market place that is prevalent until date. This market place serves as a place for exchange of goods and information and plays a substantial part in displaying and spread of the local culture proudly. Ghanta Ghar residing in the center of the logo suggests UdyogFEST participants to partake in similar exchange of values, ideas and perspectives beneficial to all.

The camel was used as the mode of transportation for goods and people, due to their high endurance.They have successfully maneuvered the extreme terrains of Rajasthan for centuries, owning their way into becoming a widely used motif. The camel in the logo is a hint to keep pushing forward and propel the participants, towards their dreams putting aside all the adversaries as immaterial.

Lastly, the sun, the never-ending source of energy that forms the basic unit of all energy we consume on the planet of ours. The sun in the logo engulfs the other two elements and perfectly frames the composition of the elements. Sun is also the powerful artist who paints the canvas of Rajasthan with vibrant warm hues, which is where the colors for the logo were mimicked.


Originally, from Tamil Nadu, India - Simon Prithiv Arokianathan, the concept artist for the logo is an Architect, Tutor and Digital Artist. He is an Alumni of Pratt Institute, New York – USA having graduated with distinction in Master of Science in Architecture – MS. Arch. He is currently working as an Architectural designer in New York City. He firmly believes in the spark of creativity and its narrative having roots deeply embedded in everyone’s history and culture with appropriate technological distortion.