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The Institute has five key resources at the Computer Center, which made it possible to offer the various resources and facilities.

1.  Operating System
The 65 terminal lab in Computer Center runs on CentOS (version 6.7) / BOSS Linux (version 6.1) of Linux open source operating system.
2. SVN Server
Apache Subversion (SVN) is a popular and effective tool for version control of programs, documents and designs; and for collaborative development and long term maintenance of programs and designs. Users can create their own SVN repositories. Students are encouraged to use this resource for collaborative projects and assignments.
3.  GIT Server
GIT is a distributed version control system. Git originates from the Linux kernel development and is used by many popular Open Source projects, e.g. the Android or the Eclipse Open Source projects, as well as by many commercial organizations. The core of Git was originally written in the programming language C but Git has also been re-implemented in other languages, e.g. Java, Ruby and Python.
4. OwnCloud
OwnCloud is a flexible, open source file sync, and share solution providing benefits of "Cloud Computing" storage and control of owner data on a private server. Information stored in OwnCloud can be accessed from a mobile device, a workstation, or a web client.
5. Software
The Institute has licensed software, like Matlab, Mathematica, Cadence, Mentor-Graphics, Ansys, PSCAD, Solidworks, orCad, for its academic and research purposes.