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High Temperature Solar Thermal Laboratory
Six laboratories are being set-up under the MNRE funded project entitled as “Establishment of Center of Excellence in Solar Thermal Research and Education at IIT Jodhpur”. High Temperature Solar Thermal Laboratory is one of these specialized laboratories. The aim of this laboratory is:
1.  Fundamental aspects of fluid flow and heat transfer related problems, like, dust deposition, and
2. Design and analysis of sub-systems for concentrated solar thermal systems.
Some of the sub-systems being designed and analyzed in this laboratory are:
1. Open Volumetric Air Receiver for process heat applications,
2. Compact heat exchanger, and
3. Solar Convective Furnace.
This laboratory includes test facility, such as, Solar Air Tower Simulator (SATS) facility, advanced research grade equipment like Laser Doppler Velocimetry. SATS facility includes, open volumetric air receiver, thermal energy storage, air-water heat exchanger and is being extended with solar convective furnace.