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FAQs for 2020-2021

Female Helpdesk


What facilities are there in girl’s hostels?
IITJ Provide a female student Safe and secured  hostel life. Every student will have a personal AC room; well-equipped and maintained washrooms. We have music rooms, sports rooms reading room; and a well-equipped Gym in hostel.


How many girl’s hostels are there in the campus?
Currently, there is two girls hostel in the campus with a capacity of 235+121 students.


Is there any other accommodation system for married female students?
Yes, there is accommodation facility available  for married students.

Can parents visit their hostel room before or after allocation?
For boys hostel only Father or male guardian is allowed and for girls hostel only mother or female guardian is allowed.


Is there any crèche inside IIT Jodhpur campus?
Yes, crèche facility is available inside the campus.


What is current strength of female students at IIT Jodhpur?
In the academic year 2019-20, 327 girls were studying in both the UG and the PG program out of which 120 girls were studying in the UG program.


Are female doctors available late at night?
A female doctor might not be available at all times but a nurse is ALWAYS present in the health centre, 24 hours a day.


Is there a certain dress code for girls?
No, not at all. However for the orientation week make sure to be dressed up in formals as the sessions will be formal too.


Are there curfew timings for girls?
Girls are supposed to enter the hostel by 12 in the night. Special permissions for late entry can be given to girls for valid reasons.


What are the safety measures for a female student in campus?
In hostel, 24 hours female security guards are posted at the hostel entrance taking note of every individual coming in and out of the hostel. In departments, there are also security guards posted for 24 hours. The hostel as well as the campus environment is truly healthy and completely ragging free. There is a “Women Cell” under supervision of faculty in order to help a female student at point of time. A well-being moderator (female) is present in the hostel 24X7 for taking care of students who is suffering any kind of problems be it physical, feeling homesick, etc.


Is it safe for girls to roam in the campus and nearby places in the city? What are the safety measures?
Yes, it is safe for females to roam in the campus. There are security guards at short distances in the campus to ensure safety.


How many female faculty members are there in the institute?
As of now there are 35 female faculty members in the institute.


Does the warden for girls' hostel stay in the hostel? If not, will he/she be available in case of emergency?
No, the warden does not stay in the hostel. But in case of emergency might be contacted.


Is there any internal complaints committee working for female students?
Yes, we have a women's cell to take care of it


Where should I complain if facing any kind of mental harassment?
We have a counselling team in our campus and the team is available for 24×7 for every student. We have a proper system which includes Chairman of counselling services, student counsellor, well-being moderator and PG & UG Counselling Team.


Is Jodhpur safe for a woman to stay outside?
Jodhpur is a very small and quiet city with every single comfort one can seek in a city. The people are also nice and helpful. It will be a nice experience to stay in the city. But the main campus is 25 KMs away from the main city and for this the student have to adjust their working time according to the bus schedule. The bus schedule is available in the IITJ website.


If I am a victim of sexual harassment what should I do?
We have an “Internal complaints committee” in our campus under supervision of professionals that is working for women welfare in every aspect of life. The link is shared at the bottom of the Introduction tab of this helpdesk.


Due to the construction work going on there are labourers working on the campus, won't that make it unsafe for girls students?
The workers stay in the area of constructions only and hence it wouldn't be a problem to girls.


The electricians are usually men so if there is a need for an electrician will he come till the room to fix the problem? Is it safe?
Yes. The female guard will always accompany him and stay there till the work gets completed.

Hostels and facilities


What kind of hostel facility will be provided in the Permanent Campus of IIT Jodhpur?
Each student will be provided with a separate hostel room (~80 sft). The room will be air-cooled, and have basic furniture (table, chair, bed and almirah) and an internet connection. The hostel (of 236 rooms) will have games, TV and reading rooms. The Dining Hall Building will have separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens and dining areas, along with a generic food court.


How is hostel allocation done?
The allocation of hostels is done under the supervision of the Chairman, Wardens Committee. There is a separate hostel for girls.

Does all students are eligible for a single-seater room?
Yes, they are.

Does female hostels have separate mess facility?
No, female hostels don’t have separate mess facility. There is a common mess area near hostel wing for all students residing in hostels.


What facility will be there in my hostel room?
Each room in the hostel is equipped with basic facilities like fan, light, 1 almirah, 1 bed, 1 table ,1 chair and an AC.


What essential things should I bring?
Apart from your clothes, personal items, and study material, you can bring your mattress, pillow, bucket, mug, etc. or can buy them locally.

What are the facilities to buy essentials?
There is Community centre in campus for buying essential items and it also has a stationary shop.


Can I bring any personal electrical items?
No. You cannot bring any of the electric items, like water heaters, iron, table fan, table lamp, and electric stove, for your personal use. Use of any such equipment in hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.


Am I allowed to bring my bike/car to the campus?
No. You cannot bring motorbikes/scooter/car to the campus. But, you can have a bicycle on campus.

What is the preferred mode of transport inside the campus?
Bicycles are allowed in campus. Other vehicles like car, bike or any other personal vehicle are not allowed for students.


I do not have a laptop yet. Is a computing facility available?
The Institute runs a Computer Centre with desktop computers for student’s use as a regular facility. You can use the same.


Jodhpur city being very hot during summers, will coolers be provided in the hostels?
The hostel rooms in the campus of IIT Jodhpur are air conditioned. Hence, no personal coolers are permitted in the hostel rooms.


Do you have the necessary facilities like a post office, banks, canteen and others at your Institute?

The campus of IIT Jodhpur is well guarded and equipped with basic amenities including Wi-Fi, recreational rooms and a Computer Center. Presently, the campus provides accommodation for Faculty Members and Officers. Development of residential facility is underway for the Staff Members of the Institute. Transport facility is available between the Institute and various places in Jodhpur City.

Following are some basic facilities made available on campus:

•    ATM & Bank: The residential area has a branch of State Bank of India (SBI) as well as an ATM of SBI and Canara Bank each for the ease of students.

•    Food Court: There is a Food Court in the Campus. It provides hygienic food, fresh juices and various other snacks till late hours in the night.

•    Gymnasium: A well-equipped gymnasium is present on campus, which can be accessed round the clock

•    Dining Service: Dining Service is available on the Campus. The Dining Hall offers good quality food, regularly monitored by the Wardens for hygiene and nutritional values, and provided at affordable cost.

•    Shops: A shopping complex catering to the various primary needs of students are available on Campus.

•    Transport Services: The Institute has a bus service running between the Institute and various places in the City of Jodhpur at regular intervals.

•    Entertainment Room: Every hostel consists of recreation facilities (like TV Rooms, where students can enjoy matches and watch movies) along with indoor games (like table tennis, badminton, chess etc).


What about medical facilities? 

The campus has a primary Health Centre for providing routine health services to the patients round the clock. Also, the Institute has its ambulance services available round-the-clock.

Besides the Health Centre, the Institute has empanelled hospitals in the city of Jodhpur, as well. For specialized medical attention, doctors at our Health Centre refer patients to one of these hospitals. In addition to these six hospitals, The city has a Medical College and three hospitals run by Government of Rajasthan. Also, the city has an All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur. Besides, there is Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Ayurved University, which runs academic programs and a hospital, in our neighbourhood. Also, the Institute has constituted a Medical Board consisting of Senior Doctors from the Medical College and the AIIMS; advice is taken for enhancement of medical services of the Health Centres, and in critical medical cases further, IIT Jodhpur has empanelled two hospitals in Jaipur. These two hospitals are accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare, and patients can be referred to these hospitals as per the need of the treatment. In case of requirement of medical treatment or any health issue, please contact the Hostel Staff and report to the Health Centre. Doctors and Nursing Staff are available in the Health Center, round-the-clock.


What about the availability of counselling services to overcome any emotional or stress issues?
The Institute has a Counselling Services team and dedicated Counsellors available in the campus. Also, the Institute has arrangements with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur whose professional psychological services are availed.


What about security aspects in the campus?
IIT Jodhpur campuses are secured for students during any time of the day. The Institute has round-the-clock, dedicated, professional security arrangement. Every hostel is manned with security guards. Entry and exit are registered there. Girls Hostel has a separate entrance and is manned by female security guards. Besides, for girl students, there is a functional Women Cell. In case of any matters related to harassment or insecurity, Convenor of the Women Cell can be contacted

IIT Jodhpur and Surroundings


Where is IIT Jodhpur exactly located?


IIT Jodhpur is situated in its sprawling 852 acres campus at NH 65, Nagaur Road, Karwad, Jodhpur 342037.


How to reach IIT Jodhpur?


IIT Jodhpur is located on the outskirts of the city of Jodhpur and is well connected to other parts of country by road, rail and air. The Institute is located on National Highway 65 at Karwad Village, about 24 km from the railway station and 25 km from the airport; it takes approximately 45 mins and 40 mins to drive from the airport and railway station to the Institute, respectively. Jodhpur is connected well by road, rail and air to all major cities in the country, and by mega highways to major neighbouring cities, e.g., Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Ahmedabad.

•    It is connected by rail to major cities in the country, like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kota, Kanpur, Ahmedabad, Indore, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Guwahati, Nagpur, Lucknow and Jaipur;

•    There are daily flights from Delhi and Mumbai to Jodhpur. Air India and Jet Airways operate the daily flight to each of these cities;

•    Jodhpur is connected by mega-highway to major neighbouring cities, e.g., Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Ahmedabad. Deluxe and express buses ply to Jodhpur from Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Baroda.


Reaching IIT Jodhpur:

•    From Airport to Campus: You can take a prepaid auto/taxi to the Institute, which is situated on National Highway 65, Nagaur Road, Karwad. You may ask the driver to go past Mandore on Nagaur Road. This Campus is about 25 km from the airport.

•    From Railway Station to Campus At Jodhpur Junction Railway Station, exit from Platform No.1 side. You can take a prepaid auto/taxi to the Permanent Campus of IIT Jodhpur, which is situated on National Highway 65, Nagaur Road, Karwad. You may ask the driver to go past Mandore on Nagaur Road. This Campus is 24 km from the Station.


For details, please see “How to reach IIT Jodhpur” in the footer of the Institute's website.


Is Jodhpur well connected for international and domestic travel?


Jodhpur is connected by air to Delhi and Mumbai (Air India operates one daily flight to each of these cities), well connected by train to all major cities in the Country, and by mega highways to major neighboring cities, e.g., Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Ahmedabad.


Has IIT Jodhpur been shifted to its permanent campus?


Yes, IIT Jodhpur has been operating in the permanent campus since 2017.


How is the city of Jodhpur like?


Jodhpur is a city of historical importance to tourists and a city of strategic importance to the nation, centrally situated in Marwar – the western region of the state of Rajasthan. It is a small, calm, friendly and almost no-pollution city with just about 12.7 lakh population; by the way, there is no major traffic jam in any part of the city! You must live in Jodhpur to hear all the anecdotal stories of the Royal Legends of the historic times, or to know why the city earned its names The Sun City or The Blue City. Every year tourists from all over the globe flocks into Jodhpur to enjoy its history and relish on its snacks and sweets.


How is Jodhpur city placed in terms of shopping and entertainment?


The city is dotted with shopping destinations for everyday needs, like the Big Bazar, Reliance Fresh, and Fresh n Green departmental stores, as well as outlets of branded goods for special needs. For those looking for authentic ethnic goods, the National Handloom Corporation is a must–stop shop. Jodhpur has its share of major multiplexes, like Glitz Cinemas, Bioscope and Satyam Cineplex, to catch up with your favourite celluloid stars. Marwadi cuisine is popular for its spicy and arid region ingredients. This traditional palette can be relished in its village kitchens at eateries called “dhānis” in and around the city. Ask for Gypsy, if you don’t have much time to wait!


What are the nearby leisure and tourist destinations that one can explore?


Jodhpur is an active tourist city friendly and quiet. The key tourist attractions in Jodhpur are: Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, Umaid Bhawan Palace, and Balsamand and Kaylana lakes. Also, the city is well connected to other major destinations like Jaisalmer Palace and its neighbouring sand dunes, Mount Abu, Neemrana Fort, Ranthambore National Park, Udaipur Palace and surrounding lakes, Ajmer Dargah Sharif, Kumbhalgarh Fort, and Jaipur. Climate of Jodhpur, though hot for most time of the year, touring to the nearby destinations is a weekend and semester-end getaway activity of the campus life @ IIT Jodhpur.

Life @ IIT Jodhpur


How is the Campus Life at IIT Jodhpur?


IIT Jodhpur is located on the outskirts of Jodhpur city at NH 65, Nagaur Road, Karwad, Jodhpur 342037, in its sprawling 852 acres campus. While many Faculty Members, Officers, and Students reside on this campus, some Faculty and Staff Members opt to stay in the city in private accommodation.Activities like cultural programs, celebration of national festivals, workshops of general nature bring together the Faculty and Staff members along with their families and students. The campus also houses “The Jodhpur Club”, which was started on 26 January 2015 with a purpose of building cultural relations with the Academic and R&D Organizations in the Sun City. It serves as a backdrop for organizing various activities that pave way for cultural interaction among not only the employees of different organizations but also their families. The employees of IIT Jodhpur and their family members use this platform to come together to fulfil their other-than professional interests (like art and music). IIT Jodhpur offers plenty of opportunities for the holistic development of Students. Apart from intensive academics with regular classes, assignments and quizzes, Students are encouraged to pursue extra-curricular activities of their choice throughout the year. Two major festivals are organized every year with active participation from hundreds of students form colleges across the nation. Thus, students can prove their mettle and nurture their talent. In addition, everyday life at the Institute has plenty of scope for fun, joy and learning.


What are the facilities available in the Academic Area of IIT Jodhpur?


IIT Jodhpur has established state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories. These laboratories have advanced equipment and instrumentation of international standard, which are used extensively in teaching and research. The major laboratories include Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Electronic Circuit laboratory, Microelectronic lab, Robotics, ElectroMechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory, Solar Radiation, bioengineering, and so forth. The computer center of the institute has a gigabit LAN with 1Gbps internet bandwidth and is equipped with 200 computers, terminals are running on Windows and GNU/Linux operating systems across the campus, Licensed software, like Matlab, Mathematica, Cadence, Mentor Graphic, Ansys, PSCAD and Solidworks, A 802.11/b/g/n Wi-Fi service enabled in the academic and residential areas, and a High Performance Computing cluster for scientific research. IIT Jodhpur is building close relations with select international universities, research institutes and corporations. For example, Memoranda of Understanding have been signed with the University of Waterloo, the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona, Spain). These MoUs allow for short-term exchange of Students and Faculty Members.


What are the laboratory and research facilities?


The Institutes’ Laboratories aim to develop innovative solutions to the technological challenges of India. To accomplish its academic and research goals, IIT Jodhpur endeavors to enhance its academic and research efforts through creative collaborations with some prominent institutes/universities in India and abroad. IIT Jodhpur has established state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories. These advanced laboratories have machinery and devices of international standard, which are actively used in research. Detailed research facilities and information about various labs are provided at http://iitj.ac.in/research/index.php?id=research_facilities.


What about Library?


The Learning Hub, i.e., the Library is an active partner in teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute. It has a collection of about 12,000 volumes of books (includes textbooks, research and reference books, and monographs). In addition, the Library provides access to a range of electronic resources, such as American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and the Association for Computing Machinery, and so forth. Also, it subscribes to popular scientific, research and archival databases, like JSTOR. The Library operates in a computerized environment with Automated Member and Circulation Services. Currently, memberships, circulation, reference & information service, inter library loans & document lending services, current awareness service, and digital library service, are some of the important services offered. Visit the Library Website (http://library.iitj.ac.in) for more information.

Registration and Academic session


What about registration? What items need to be brought and what are the procedures?


You have to bring originals and copies of all the necessary certificates, JEE (Main & Advanced) Score cards, proof of address, identity proof, caste/domicile certificate (whichever is applicable), at least two passport size photographs.


After admission into B.Tech. Program, can I change my branch?


(a)  An undergraduate student is eligible to apply for branch change at the end of the second semester only, provided the student satisfies the following criteria:

•    Secured a CGPA of >= 7.0 (for SC/ST and PD applicants) and >=8.0 (for Gen)

•    Completed all prescribed course credits for the first two semesters (including the non-graded courses). 

•    No backlog at the end of the second semester

(b) No disciplinary action against him/her. 

(c) Change of the branch will be strictly on merit basis (CGPA), irrespective of category. For students of SC/ST/PD category, concession in eligibility criteria is given as per rule (a).

(d) In case more than one student applying for branch change have the same CGPA, the tie shall be resolved on the basis of JEE ranks of such applicants.

(e) In making a change of branch, the strength of a branch should not fall below 85% or go above 115% of the sanctioned strength.

(f) The conditions mentioned in item (a) above will not be insisted upon for change to a branch in which a vacancy exists with reference to the sanctioned strengths, and the concerned student was eligible as per JEE Rank for admission to that branch at the time of entry to IIT Jodhpur.

(g) Notwithstanding any of the conditions listed above, a student with CGPA of 9 or more at the end of the second semester will be allowed to move to a branch of his/her choice


Where to find course structure for different programs?


You can find the curriculum and course structure of different programs offered by the Institute at their respective pages.


What is the pattern of Academic Sessions in IIT Jodhpur?


The academic session normally runs from the end of July in one year to the middle of July in the next year. The academic session is divided into three parts: two regular semesters and a summer term as per the following timelines:

•    Semester I: From the fourth week of July to the last week of November 

•    Semester II: From the last week of December to the last week of April 

•    Summer Term: From the middle of May to the middle of July.

Excluding the days of the examinations, the total number of days of instruction in a semester is at least 70.

The Academic Calendar gives the exact dates of all important events during the Academic Session, such as orientation, registration, commencement of classes, adding and dropping of courses, submission of documents, examinations, submission of grades, conversion of Incomplete grades, vacation, and mid-semester recess. This calendar is approved by the Senate of the Institute and displayed in the Institute website much before the commencement of the academic semester.

Internships and Placements


What are the efforts made by the Institute towards Student Placements?


The Office of Student Placement together with the Career Development Cell continuously engages in inviting companies to our campus and make rigorous effort to build long term relationship with them. Students are sensitized in best possible way by promoting them to take responsibility for their own career decision and prepare themselves for the industry. Services and resources are given in order to develop competence, plan career and searching employer. This year’s training organized for grooming students were based on:


a) General career counselling by renowned faculties from other IITs to ensure students make informed choices and are aware of corresponding entry level requirements right from the beginning.

b) Organizing grooming/soft skills sessions by professionals. The major areas to improve within the realm of soft skills are improving facets of personality, sharpen verbal and written communication skills, learning corporate etiquettes, learning interview skills, handling group discussions, writing customized resume, honing leadership and teamwork skills.

The Office builds and expands relationship with companies through social networking and industrial visits. Some renowned companies, like ISRO, L&T, Maruti, TVS, Bosch, Mahindra & Mahindra, VE Commercials, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, DE-Shaw, Barclays, etc. visit IIT Jodhpur for internship and placements. For more information visit - spc.iitj.ac.in