IIT Jodhpur | हिंदी संस्करण


  Amritesh Kumar
Email ID:amritesh.1@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Blockchain, Internet of Vehicles, Education Technology.
  Chetali Yadav
Email ID:chetali.1@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Deep learning, computer vision, neuromorphic computing for medical devices
  Sneha Prasad
Email ID:sneha.2@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Digital Image Correlation, Computer Vision, Parallel Computing, Cloud and Edge Computing, Structural Health Monitoring, Industry 4.0, Sensor Drift Compensation.
  Koustav Kumar Mondal
Email ID: mondal.4@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: EDGE-AI, Federated Learning, Fog Computing, Electric Vehicle, MLOps, Sensor Network, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Blockchain.
  Shubham Sharma
Email ID: Sharma.140@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems
  Preeti Jain
Email ID:preeti.1@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Internet of Vehicle, Intelligent transportation system, Machine Learning for Modern vehicles
  Manpreet Singh
Email ID:manpreet@iitj.ac.in
Research Field of Interest: Industrial IoT