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Ph.D. Program at IDRP on IoT & Applications



The IDRP on IoT & Applications offers Ph.D. in a wide range of emerging and challenging interdisciplinary research areas such as AIoT, Industry 4.0, Smart City, Smart Infrastructure, Smart Grid, Environment Monitoring, Intelligent Transportation, etc. This unique interdisciplinary Ph.D. program addresses the gap between real-life challenges and Technology by using a holistic approach.  Please visit Research Area to know the associated research areas, facilities, and associated faculty members.  


Our Ph.D. students are trained to conduct high-quality cutting-edge research demonstrated through tangible deliverables and to publish in top-ranking journals and conferences. Specially-designed courses on technical communication and Intellectual Property Rights enable students in quality expression as well as patent landscaping for potential IP and business translation of their work. Weekly colloquium enables the students to keep open avenues of sharing ideas and learning from peers. Students have round-the-clock access to high-end research and computational facilities, and also have the opportunity of one additional year of fellowship after thesis submission to engage in translational and entrepreneurial initiatives arising out of their Ph.D. work. On graduation, our doctoral students are trained in critical thinking, research, development, operations, and management of emerging technological challenges for both industry and academia.




Please refer to Table 22.6 of the Regulations for minimum credits to be earned.  The student can choose the courses from the list of electives available in the corresponding semester. Check the list of courses here.  In addition, the students would also go through following non-graded compulsory courses:

  • Non-graded Course 1 - Technical Communication
  • Non-graded Course 2 - Innovation and IP Management
  • Non-Graded Course 3- System Engineering and Project Management
  • Non-Graded Course 4-  Ethics and Professional Life


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