IIT Jodhpur | हिंदी संस्करण

Internet of Things (IoT) has gained immense interest for applications in smart agriculture, transportation, environment monitoring, healthcare, and smart wearable, Industrial IoT, and many other applications. Sensors are the key components to communicate with surroundings, which have to be both highly sensitive and selective as well. On the other hand, the data collected from sensors have to be analyzed and used for making Processes and Systems smarter. IoT and applications area is a highly multidisciplinary area involving various areas of Materials, Devices, Sensors, Circuits, Communication, and Data Analytics, and their applications in IoT system development. Inter-Disciplinary Research Platform (IDRP) on the Internet of Things (IoT) & Applications is created to work with a holistic approach for seamless integration of technologies. 

The IDRP on IoT & Applications will facilitate the research and development in multiple areas including Industry 4.0, Health, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Transportation, Environmental Monitoring, and Infrastructure Safety encompassing complete ecosystem for simulation, design, development, characterization, and testing. R&D ecosystem of Jodhpur which includes IITJ, AIIMS, NLU, and Police University, can be an ideal combination for innovation in various areas of AIOT, such as in environment, healthcare, and cybersecurity.










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