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The student hostels in the IIT Jodhpur campus are managed by five Faculty Members in their role of Wardens. The following is the Student Hostel Wardens Committee:
Student Hostel Warden Committee
Puneet Sharma      Chairman
Ramesh K. Metre     Warden, Hostel Blue 1
Dilpreet Kaur     Warden, Hostel Blue 2
Arpit Khandelwal    Warden, Hostel Blue 3
Sumit Kalra    Warden, Hostel Blue 5
Retanjali Moharana    Warden, Hostel Green 4
Somnath Ghosh     Warden, Hostel Green 5
Appala Naidu Gandi     Warden, Hostel Green 6
Durgamadhab Mishra     Warden, Hostel I2