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MEA - IITJ Distinguished Lectures
In collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India), the Institute launched the “MEA – IIT Jodhpur Distinguished Lecture Series”, where current and former Ambassadors of India spend time at the Institute to share their experiences and understanding of India from outside India.
So far, two of the three distinguished visitors were invited to the Institute:
(1) Ashok Sajjanhar
Former Ambassador to Latvia, Sweden and Kazakhstan;
Currently, Secretary of National Foundation of Communal Harmony (NFCH)
India's Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities

11 April 2014

(2) Bhaswati Mukherjee
Former Ambassador of India to the Netherlands & Permanent Representative to the UN
"Indian Culture and Civilisation through the Ages: A Global Heritage"

12 February 2015

(3) Ajai Malhotra
Former Ambassador to Russia
Climate Change and India
11 September 2015


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