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Extra-Mural Lectures
Professionals with standing and missionary zeal, who dedicated their lifetime in specific domains, are invited to the Institute to share their career paths - the trials and tribulations, and the way forward for the current generation seeking to tread such challenges.
The Extra-Mural Lectures delivered so far are:
(1) Professor M. S. Ananth
Former Director, IIT Madras;
Currently Visiting Professor, IISc Bangalore
“What is the Life of an Academic? How to get started on Research beyond the PhD Thesis work?”
22 November 2013
(2) Professor I. K. Bhat
Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
“Academic Programs in Technical Education: A New Look”
28 November 2013
(3) Prof. V. S. Raju
Former Director, IIT Delhi, and
Professor and Dean, IIT Madras
“Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Engineers”
5 March 2014
(4) Ms. Pallavi Kumar
Executive Director
MOHAN Foundation, New Delhi
“Have you ever thought about organ donation?”
15 October 2014
(5) Chitra Madhavan
Historian and Archeologist
“The Development of Temple Architecture in India”
21 January 2015
(6) Prabhat Ranjan
Executive Director
Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), New Delhi
"My Journey to Brain"
30 January 2015
(7) Amitabha Ghosh
Platinum Jubilee Senior Scientist
The National Academy of Sciences, India
"Gravitation Inertia and the Universe: The amazing consequences of a relook into the Newton’s laws"
1 February 2016


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