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Current Activities
The Institute has just identified the three villages, with which it would be engaged. Work is underway to undertake a techno-social survey to understand the villages and identify technology challenges being faced by them.
There are a number of villages surrounding the permanent campus site of IIT Jodhpur with whom initiatives can be taken up in building organic relations as a part of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA). A survey was conducted in short-listing these villages. Idea is to develop some technologies such as low cost filters to reduce fluoride contents. UBA at IIT Jodhpur has shortlisted themes such as low cost waste management by using local material and Ayurvedic materials, compost toilets, solar energy, precision farming to be taken up in these villages. IIT Jodhpur is also taking initiatives in sensitizing students and faculty members to work under UBA activities.
A core team of people coordinates the activities of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan at IIT Jodhpur by rendering their services by being a part of the team, through their expertise various areas like technological interventions to improve the quality of life in villages; in socio economic study; in contributing to the task of building an organic relation with the villages through other means.