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Chairpersons/Coordinators of Committees
Select critical functions of the Institute are steered through committees constituted for the express purpose. The responsibilities of the Chairman/Chairperson/Coordinator/President  are being shouldered by the following Faculty Members:

Chairman / Chairperson / Coordinator / Convener/Presiding officer    Committee
Arun Kumar Singh   Admissions Committee (JEE)
Gaurav Bhatnagar   Admissions Committee (GATE, JAM)
Shankar Manoharan   Alumni Relations Committee
Mahesh Kumar   Center for Advanced Scientific Equipment (CASE)
V. Narayanan   Grievance Redressal Committee
B. P. Kashyap   House Allotment Committe
Ram Prakash   TISC and Technology Park co ordination Committee
Vidya Sarveswaran   Internal Complaints Committee
Kirankumar R. Hiremath   Library Committee
Nirmal K. Rana   Medical Services User’s Committee
Amit Mishra   Campus Services Committee
Surajit Ghosh   Safety Committee
S. R. Vadera   Plagiarism Disciplinary Action Committee
S. R. Vadera   Centralized Furniture Procurement Committee
Sampat Raj Vadera   Ranking Committee
G. Appala Naidu   Student Scholarships and Prizes Committee
Saakshi Dhanekar   Student Wellbeing Committee
Ramesh K. Metre   Student Hostel Warden Committee
Shobhana Singh   Career Counselling Committee
Kamaljit Rangra   Institute Publicity and Media Presence Committee
Associate Dean (Academics - Postgraduate Programs)   Academic Malpractice Committee
Associate Dean (Students)   Anti-Ragging Committee
Associate Dean (Academics - Postgraduate Programs)   Course Equivalence Committee
Associate Dean (Students)   COTPA Committee
Associate Dean (Faculty)   House Allotment Disciplinary Action Committee
Associate Dean (R&D)   Research Publication Committee
Kamaljit Rangra   Institute Publications Committee
Associate Dean (Academics)   Student Disciplinary Action Committee
Sampat Raj Vadera   Institution's Innovation Council (IIC)
Surajit Ghosh   Animal House Building Committee
Sampat Raj Vadera   Institutional Events Observance Committee
Kamaljit Rangra   Celebration of Commemorative Days Committee