• Ideathon


An ideathon is a brief, intense event where students can work on some of the most important problems that the world is facing today. Ideathons are brainstorming events where people with diverse knowledge backgrounds, skill sets and interests get together to predetermined problems, and come up with substantive, innovative and comprehensive. solutions. An ideathon’s output might be ideas, a roadmap or an actionable plan. Teams leverage design thinking and cutting-edge techniques to brainstorm and collaborate on potential solutions within a given time frame.

Problem Statements:

1. Create a blockchain-based efficient supply chain solution for the Indian markets, which solves problems like invoice validation and transaction time.
2. Tracking and predicting climate change: Can quantum computing provide a solution?
3. Is personalized food possible ? How ?
4. Digital currency: What should be a transparent and green solution ?
5. Bioenergy: How can it be harnessed for generation of electrical power ?
6. Can mixed reality systems bring real world engineering experience to engineering students in the classroom ? How ?
7. How can food wastage and adulteration be decreased?
8. Sustainable Water: Technology and Business Solutions

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