• Hackathon


A hackathon is an intense competition with a time constraint where participants collaborate to develop prototypes and minimum viable products to address a specific issue. In this competition, a group of participants wrestles with a given a problem statement to come up with a solution and demonstrate it with a form of prototypes.

Problem Statements:

1. Solution to monitor indoor heat and air quality and affordable solution for the migration of the same without using AC.
2. Design of a mid day meal for school, which can address iron deficiency in kids.
3. Detects adulteration in honey.
4. Extract energy from exhaust of a car.
5. Ease congestion in city roads when no increase in road space is possible.
6. Use mobile diagnostic devices for lung diseases.
7. Make an Alexa like device which can tell stories for a given collection of Indian toys.
8. Solution for harnessing solar energy using photosynthesis like process.
9. Solution for an Amphibious Autonomous Vehicle.
10. Implementation of Quantum Key Description protocols (BB84 or E91 protocols) on an FPGA board.
11. A supply chain for local artisans, so they can reach the market more effectively and get their value too.
12. Design a novel approach to identify and segment lunar craters.
13. Creating Metaverse for Educational Training using games and simulations.
14. Affordable (low cost, less than Rs. 20 per kL of treated water) and sustainable (long lasting with minimum / no maintenance) technology for drinking water without compromising its quality

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