ICVGIP 2021 Contests

ICVGIP 2021 is organizing three contests described below. The winners of the contests will receive prizes and will be invited to give short talks to present their methods at an ICVGIP event. For more details, please visit the contest webpage

Audio-visual retrieval

The aim is to learn compatible representations between audio and video modalities. The task will require retrieval of relevant examples in the visual domain using queries from audio domain and vice-versa.

Network quantization

Modern deep learning architectures have a large number of parameters which makes them hard to deploy on edge devices with modest resources. This task requires quantization of weights from floating point numbers to smaller 8, 4 or even 2 bit integers to make them smaller. The challenge is to maintain their accuracy while reducing their size.

Wildlife species detection

Computer vision technologies are being deployed everywhere and once such important application is monitoring wildlife with camera traps deep in the forests. This task requires animal detection in such challenging camera trap images.

For more details, please visit the Contest page.