ICVGIP 2021 Published Papers
CMT Paper ID ACM Article Number Paper Title Session Oral/Poster
4 1 Teaching GANs to Sketch in Vector Format 3B Oral
13 2 Iterative Gradient Encoding Network Using Feature Co-Occurrence Loss for Single Image Reflection Removal 1A Oral
15 3 MERANet: Facial Micro-Expression Recognition using 3D Residual Attention Network 3A Oral
18 4 MSDNet: A Novel Multi-Stage progressive image Dehazing Network 2A Oral
22 5 CT-DANN: Co-teaching Meets DANN For Wild Unsupervised Domain Adaptation 3A Oral
29 6 Monocular Multi-Layer Layout Estimation for Warehouse Racks 2A Oral
34 7 Cross-View Kernel Similarity Metric Learning Using Pairwise Constraints for Person Re-identification 2A Oral
37 8 Abnormality Detection and Classification of Macular Diseases from Optical Coherence Tomography Images: Using Feature Space Comparison P1 Poster
39 9 HDRVideo-GAN: Deep Generative HDR Video Reconstruction 3B Oral
40 10 A Novel Unsupervised Thresholding Technique for Landsat Image Change Detection 2A Oral
41 11 Deep Feature Fusion for Automated Retinal Disease Detection Using OCT Images P1 Poster
48 12 Robust Brain State Decoding using Bidirectional Long Short Term Memory Networks in functional MRI P1 Poster
49 13 NTU-X: An Enhanced Large-scale Dataset for Improving Pose-based Recognition of Subtle Human Actions 3A Oral
51 14 Towards Interpretable Facial Emotion Recognition 3A Oral
67 15 Interpretive Self-Supervised Pre-training: Boosting Performance on Visual Medical Data 2B Oral
69 16 𝑆3DMT-Net: Improving soft sharing based multi-task CNN using task-specific distillation and cross-task interactions 1B Oral
70 17 HDR-cGAN: Single LDR to HDR Image Translation using Conditional GAN P2 Poster
71 18 Analysis of Vascular Dysregulation Caused by Infiltrating Glioma Cells Using BOLD fMRI P1 Poster
75 19 Deformable Deep Networks for Instance Segmentation of Overlapping Multi Page Handwritten Documents 1B Oral
82 20 GPU-based Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation using Local Search on Thinnest Digital Surface 1A Oral
90 21 Automatic Quantification and Visualization of Street Trees P1 Poster
97 22 SCNet: A Generalized Attention-based Model for Crack Fault Segmentation 2A Oral
98 23 G3AN++: Exploring Wide GANs with Complementary Feature Learning for Video Generation 3B Oral
100 24 Multi-task learning based approach for surgical video desmoking 2B Oral
104 25 Intelligent Video Editing: Incorporating Modern Talking Face Generation Algorithms in a Video Editor 1A Oral
106 26 Automated Tree Generation Using Grammar & Particle System 1A Oral
107 27 Translating Sign Language Videos to Talking Faces P1 Poster
110 28 Manifold Learning to address Catastrophic Forgetting P2 Poster
114 29 An Encoder-decoder based Deep Architecture for Visible to Near Infrared Image Transformation P1 Poster
118 30 Handling Ambiguous Annotations for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild 3A Oral
120 31 Enhancing Label Transfer in Non-Parametric Scene Parsing by Superpixel-Based Dense Alignment 2A Oral
128 32 Chart Classification : An Empirical Comparative Study of Different Learning Models 2A Oral
129 33 Modeling Nuisance Classifier Towards Class-incremental Learning of Crowd-sourced Data 1B Oral
133 34 Coarse-to-fine 3D Clothed Human Reconstruction using Peeled Semantic Segmentation Context 1A Oral
136 35 Magnetic resonance image reconstruction by nullspace based finite rate of innovation framework 2B Oral
142 36 Idol Dataset: A Database on Religious Idols and its Recognition with Deep networks∗ P2 Poster
143 37 HazeNet: Does the image have Haze ? P2 Poster
148 38 Disparity Based Depth Estimation Using Light Field Camera 1A Oral
151 39 SiamRPN++D: Improved SiamRPN++ Using Cascaded Detector Sensing P2 Poster
154 40 Neural View Synthesis and Appearance Editing from Unstructured Images 1A Oral
160 41 Feature Generation for Long-tail Classification 3B Oral
162 42 GAN Based Indian Sign Language Synthesis P2 Poster
163 43 Attention Guided Complementary Feature Integration for Latent Image Recovery From Noisy/Blurry Pairs 1A Oral
169 44 Selective Mixing and Voting Network for Semi-supervised Domain Generalization 3A Oral
177 45 Few-shot Classification Without Forgetting of Event-Camera Data 2A Oral
185 46 Realistic Talking Face Animation with Speech-Induced Head Motion 3A Oral
189 47 TexRGAN: A deep adversarial framework for Text Restoration from deformed handwritten documents P2 Poster
191 48 Fusion of Image Quality Assessment and Transfer Learning for COVID19 Detection Using CT Scan Image 2B Oral
193 49 Discriminative Multiscale CNN Network for Smartphone Based Robust Gait Recognition 3A Oral

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