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Additional Financial Support to New Faculty Members
The following conveniences are provided to Faculty Members joining the Institute:
(1)  Reimbursement of relocation expenses of up to Rs. 1,50,000 or actual (whichever is less) for candidates joining for full-time positions at the Institute from abroad or from any place in India, subject to a maximum of one-way economy class airfare for the family. This facility is available only to the candidates joining the posts of Professor, Associate Professor and Assistant Professor after executing a bond to serve IIT Jodhpur for 3 Years. Persons joining the post of Assistant Professor (On Contract) can become eligible only, if they are offered the post of Assistant Professor after due review of performance; in such cases, a bond shall be executed to serve IIT Jodhpur for 3 Years after joining the post of Assistant Professor.
(2) Reimbursement of telephone bills up to Rs. 800 per month (for Assistant Professor on contractual basis), Rs. 1,500 per month (for Assistant Professor and Associate Professor) and Rs. 1,800 per month (for Professor).
(3) A Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA) of Rs. 3 lakhs for every block period of 3 years on reimbursable basis to meet expenses related to participation in national and international conferences, payment of membership fee towards professional bodies, purchase of books and contingency expenses as per Institute norms.
(4) Research initiation grant of up to Rs. 25 Lakhs within the initial period of 3 years from the date of joining.
(5) Transit accommodation up to a period of 30 days on payment of Rs. 280 towards Hostel Accommodation. Within this period, the Institute will try to offer suitable accommodation on the residential campus, if available. When such accommodation is not available, the employee is required seek private accommodation in the city.
(6) Medical re-imbursement as per Institute norms.
(7) Reimbursement of education allowance for children up to 12th Class for the first two children up to a maximum of Rs. 18,000 per child.
(8) Contribution towards New Pension Scheme (NPS) as per the norms of Government of India.
(9) Interest-free soft advance up to a maximum limit of 3 months salary (namely Basic Pay + Dearness Allowance) for the purpose of education, obligatory expenses, legal costs, purchase of consumers durables and pilgrimages. The advance amount can be repaid in a maximum of 12 monthly equal instalments.