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Publication in "Cell" authored by Dr. Sucharita Dey

Congratulations to Dr. Sucharita Dey for publishing a research article titled "An atlas of protein homo-oligomerization across domains of life" in a highly prestigious journal, Cell.


Sucharita dey


Protein structures are essential to understanding cellular processes in molecular detail. While advances in artificial intelligence revealed the tertiary structure of proteins at scale, their quaternary structure remains mostly unknown. We devise a scalable strategy based on AlphaFold2 to predict homo-oligomeric assemblies across four proteomes spanning the tree of life. Our results suggest that approximately 45% of an archaeal proteome and a bacterial proteome and 20% of two eukaryotic proteomes form homomers. Our predictions accurately capture protein homo-oligomerization, recapitulate megadalton complexes, and unveil hundreds of homo-oligomer types, including three confirmed experimentally by structure determination. Integrating these datasets with omics information suggests that a majority of known protein complexes are symmetric. Finally, these datasets provide a structural context for interpreting disease mutations and reveal coiled-coil regions as major enablers of quaternary structure evolution in human. Our strategy is applicable to any organism and provides a comprehensive view of homo-oligomerization in proteomes.


The full article can be found here: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cell.2024.01.022