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IIT Jodhpur Annual Alumni Day 2021 | 6th & 7th February 2021

The IIT Jodhpur Annual Alumni Day 2021 was organized virtually on 6th of February 2021 at 7.00 pm. The event was organized by the Alumni relations committee in collaboration with the IIT Jodhpur Alumni association. The event was attended by IIT Jodhpur Alumni across the world and by the IIT Jodhpur community. The event began with a welcome address by Dr. Shankar Manoharan, the Faculty in Charge, Alumni Relations, IIT Jodhpur. Prof. Santanu Chaudhury, Director IIT Jodhpur addressed the Alumni on the vision for IIT Jodhpur and how Alumni can contribute to achieving the vision. Prof. Chaudhury also outlined the various interesting updates to the academic programs of the Institute. He underscored how IIT Jodhpur considers Alumni as one of the key stakeholders of the Institute by describing several measures taken by the Institute to onboard in various roles at IIT Jodhpur. Representatives from the IIT Jodhpur Alumni association Mr. Tanmay Sethi and Mr. Saurabh Pandey, highlighted a summary of events and association’s plan for 2021. This was followed by the main highlight of the evening, the Recognition of Excellence in Young Alumni Awards (REYA) 2021 presentation ceremony. Dr. Heena Rathore (Class of 2016), Ph.D., in Information & Communication Technologies and Ms. Sonu Mehta (Class of 2015), B.Tech. in Computer Science & engineering were both declared the winners in the Academic & Research category by Prof. Chaudhury. A citation on the merit of the awardee, for each award was read out by Dr. Kaushal Desai, Associate Dean (International relations & outreach). Both awardees made acceptance speeches highlighting how IIT Jodhpur had helped them reach their current positions in their career. The event concluded with a formal vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Kshema Prakash, Member, Alumni Relations Committee. At the end of the formal evel, breakout sessions were organized in five popular areas for Alumni to network and build connections among themselves and with students. 


On 7th February 2021, the Alumni reconvened for a trip down the memory lane together. Success stories of several IIT Jodhpur Alumni were highlighted in a dedicated session. A virtual tour of the permanent campus was also organized. This was followed by a networking breakout session. The second day ended with a batch-wise interactive session, where Alumni could reconnect with their batchmates and rekindle the memories made at IIT Jodhpur.