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IITJ`s APCOC Technology Transferred to M/s Porte Automation Pvt. Ltd. Noida on the 27th January 2021

IIT Jodhpur has developed an Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation Conveyor System named as ‘APCOC’ for sterilization of surfaces, such as food packets, books, mobile phones, laptops, carry bags, courier bundles, etc. This technology can also be used on some of the thick peel food items, leather items, during the packaging of herbs and seeds, etc. and may reduce the number of complete washdowns required during processing, thereby saving resources, such as water, chemicals, and energy costs. The developed sterilization method is a substitute for traditional chemicals and scrubbing agents, which will be highly useful for the general public during the pandemic particularly at public places, such as airports, railways, healthcare facilities, college and university libraries, shopping malls, commercial buildings, public buildings, etc. IITJ’s APCOC system mitigates cross-contamination concerns and is able to sterilize items via a dry process even in the shadow regions. The technology is based on a hybrid process where UV-C light and its photons interaction with nanoparticles catalyst provides an opportunity to generate hydroxyl radicals, hydroperoxides, and superoxide ions that eventually lead to enhancing the inactivation process of bacteria and viruses. In the general UV-C light-based sterilization process, shadow effects are more critical to be dealt with because light always travels in a straight path. However, in this developed advanced process, the lipid peroxidation can produce transient pores (through abstraction of H-atoms from Hydroxyl radicals) for wall rupture of viruses and therefore the proposed methodology can be more effective for the disinfection process. The system has been tested for its disinfection efficiency by the experts from AIIMS Jodhpur and Birla Institute of Scientific Research, Jaipur and it has shown high deactivation efficiencies of microorganisms like E. Coli and K. Pneumoniae with 8 LOG reduction in just 2 minutes of continuous exposure in the conveyor system. With the relevant literature/studies, it has been established that the system will be effective against the COVID-19 virus as well. The testing of the system has been carried out at AIIMS Jodhpur by a team Headed by Dr Vijaya Lakshmi Nag, Professor and Head of Department, Microbiology and Dr. Vibhor Tak, Associate Professor, AIIMS Jodhpur whereas at BISR Jaipur by Prof. M. Krishna Mohan.


This technology is developed by a group of faculties and students from four departments of IIT Jodhpur, i.e., Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioscience & Engineering with full financial support from the institute. It took four months for the team for this development and the project has been led by Dr. Ram Prakash, Associate Professor, Department of Physics with other significant contributions from Dr. Deepak Fulwani, Associate Professor, Dr. Ambesh Dixit, Associate Professor, Dr. Ankur Gupta. Assistant Professor and Dr. Neha Jain, Assistant Professor, and their associated students. The technical Know-how agreement has been signed with M/s Porte Automation Pvt. Ltd. Noida on the 27th January 2021 for the mass manufacturing of the technology.