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23 – 26 January 2020, IIT Jodhpur


Prometeo’20 is the first edition of IIT Jodhpur's National Technical Festival. It derives its name from the Greek word for forethinker, and celebrates disruptive technologies through talks, workshops, and competitions. This year's theme for Prometeo’20 was 'Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development' with the objective to address and discuss the possible challenges and solutions towards the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The UN identifies 17 such goals expected to be achievable by 2030. The events of this year's Prometeo’20 revolved primarily around the goals with technology-driven solutions.
The Prometeo’20 mainly focused on Technical Events/Hackathons and Workshops. There were nine technical events and four workshops targeting the 17 SDGs as demarcated by the UN. The fest witnessed a footfall of about 700 students from across the Jodhpur with active participation from IIT Jodhpur. The fest was declared open on January 23 by the Director, Prof. Chaudhary and had inaugural talks by Dr. RR Sonde (VP, Thermax), and Mr. Arun Paul (Electronic Devices).
Industry Day / 24 January 2020
Industry Day 2020 engaged policymakers, scientists, industry experts, and entrepreneurs in meaningful discussions and formulate a way forward for stronger industry-academia linkages.
The students and faculty members attended talks and panel discussions with experts from more than 30 industries (including Google Research India, Thermax, Accenture, Samsung, Tata Steel, Adobe, etc), and learnt about entrepreneurship in state-of-the-art technologies, especially cyberphysical systems, AI and data science, sustainable technologies, Industry 4.0, smart healthcare. The event included a poster-cum-demo symposium where students presented their innovations to the industry visitors.
‘Desh ki Mitti’
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma (Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Jodhpur) 25 January 2020
A session was conducted on the importance of clay as a natural resource in the field of technology. Explaining the importance of clay and focussing mainly on making Batteries out of clay was the target of this topic. The session witnessed a participation of over 120 students making it an overwhelming and interactive session.
Social Network Analysis
Dr. Suman Kundu (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Jodhpur
The online social network platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) are used to spread information such as news, opinions, promotions etc. The idea here was to use the "word-of-mouth". Now the question is "who should you select as a starting point so that the information reaches the most users?" This is only one of the several interesting questions in the domain of social network analysis.
In this Technical Fest, we addressed a few interesting real-life problems/characteristics of social networks in this workshop. It was delivered that the study of social network analysis is not limited to Facebook, Twitter or other online platforms but also, the analysis of the network is about the complex connectedness of the graph. This was an interactive workshop and with a positive response from the students, with about 60 attendees.
Blockchain-based protocols in IoT systems
Dr. Debasis Das (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Jodhpur)
The rapid advancement of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are felt throughout our daily lives. Blockchain-based IOT solutions are well suited for simplifying business processes, improving customer experience and achieving significant cost efficiencies. Here, participants were introduced to the world of blockchain-based protocols in IoT systems with a hands-on experience to the Block Chain technology on a Raspberry-Pi based computer. The workshop witnessed participation of around 60 students.
Neuromorphic Computing: `My First Neural Network`
Dr Harshit Agarwal (Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Jodhpur)
This workshop targeted those students who have never worked on Neural Networks before. Here, they were shown to write their first neural network code for a problem from scratch in Python.
About 100 Students participated in this workshop and making it one of the most anticipated workshops. The workshop was held in Room No 106, Lecture Hall Complex on 26 January 2020.
CAD Knight
We all know the importance of intuitive Virtual Design in present technical/industrial era. The entire process includes prototype creation, manufacturing, testing, enhancing intelligence. It all begins with a 3D Model & Analysis of using computer software’s like SolidWorks, CATIA, ANSYS, etc.
Cad Knight provided platform to the participants to hone their skills, get a hands-on experience on SolidWorks, get rewarded for acquiring these skills and have a glimpse of how they can design a product that can revolutionize the whole World. 27 Teams took part in this event and Top 3 teams were given cash prizes.
Case Study
This is technology-driven competition wherein a business problem was given a day before the schedule of event targeting some specific UN SDGs.

Participating teams were supposed to choose any one of the two Problem statements stated below.

  • Self-Sustainable Campus: Achieving sustainability in terms of Energy and Waste Management
  • Smart Transportation: Achieving energy sustainability through IoT enabled transportation

This event was conducted in two phases: In first phase teams submitted their proposals online and the selected teams were asked to present their ideas in front of a jury. The top 3 teams won the competition with exciting prizes.

Altogether, the event witnessed an active participation of about 33 teams. Participants came up with a lot of innovative ideas for the problem statements and made this event a grand success

Software Hackathon
Software Hackathon event held at IIT Jodhpur as part of Prometeo’20 featured a very interesting concept of designing and developing a software-based solution for the following topics.
  • Good health and well being
  • Extending reach and improving quality of education in India

The participants are given a day to submit idea proposal and then 36 hours to submit the prototype. At the hackathon location, selected students were given the opportunity to showcase and discuss their solution before the esteemed judges and stood a chance to win amazing prizes. This year, 22 Teams participated in this event and a lot of new ideas came about. Top 3 teams got prizes for their ideas. This event was a huge success and inarguably one of the most exciting events among all others held in Prometeo’20.

Sci-Tech Quiz
Prometeo’20, Technical Fest of IIT Jodhpur hosted a highly anticipated Science-Technology Quiz Competition.

The event was held in Lecture hall Building and saw a huge participation from students of all branches and years. The questions were based on the knowledge of Science and Technology which brought the attention of all the curious minds.

With 52 teams registering for this event, this made it one of the most anticipated event among 9 other technical events held in Prometeo’20.

Robo Soccer
Prometeo’20 presented ‘Robo Soccer’ for all the passionate towards Robotics and Sports. This competition compelled to design robots having utter smoothness and agility having the abilities to endeavour the complex task of playing sport like football.

The task was to build a pair of wired/wireless remote-controlled robots having the abilities to kick/push the balls to opponent’s arena or opponent’s goal post, equipped with some kind of kicking/defending mechanism within the robots. The event was held in front of the Lecture Hall Building.

Not only participants but this event attracted a lot of spectators. 16 teams participated in this event. The event consisted of two halves of 2 hours each. The top 4 teams from the league matches went on to compete further.

This event became a huge success and a milestone to inspire young brains of the country in robotics.

Code Alpha
Coding events are almost always the main attraction of Technical Fests and this one was no exception. Code Alpha saw a positive response from participants.

Participants were given several problems based on mathematical intricacies, statistical inferences, real-life situations and other related stuff. These problems were such that they can be solved quickly only using programming skills.

This event was held in room no 105 Lecture Hall Building IIT Jodhpur. 84 Teams registered for this event making it the event with the most number of registrations.

This event was no doubt, one of the most successful events among all others held in Prometeo’20.

Hardware Hackathon
Prometeo’20, Technical fest of IIT Jodhpur, witnessed active participation in Hardware Hackathon event.

Participants were asked to develop a wearable sensor on the side of electrolytic drip bottle. Those sensors would then send the data to Nurse/Doctor and can alert them if the fluid level is below a safe value. Such a device will create assurance of safe and healthy condition to patients, and would also be helpful in monitoring and storage of data for future use.

The event was held in LHB 204, IIT Jodhpur. The organizers were pleased with the attendance. Five teams participated in this Hardware Hackathon Event. A chance to represent IIT Jodhpur at Smart India Hackathon 2020 was one of the attractions for the winning team.

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is of crucial importance to address the problems associated with fossil fuel usage, and a ‘sustainable’ and renewable energy alternative that eliminates the dependency of fossil fuels is the need of the hour. With the vision “to fulfil the renewable energy goal, alternative fuels, materials and technologies are to be developed keeping in mind renewable sources such as solar, hydrogen, biomass, wind etc.”, the participants were expected to develop a smart technology/system using any renewable source such that the proposed system has the least environmental effects.

The event consisted of two rounds:

  1. Elevator Pitching Round - Each team will be given 90 seconds within which they had to pitch their idea to the judges. Selected teams were then moved to final round.
  2. Final Round - The selected teams were given a duration of 8 minutes to present their complete idea.

37 teams participated in this event. Top 3 events were then awarded with prizes.

Wastewater management
Wastewater management event saw a lot of new ideas emerging from young minds of students to reduce and reuse waste water. The event was conducted as a part of Technical Fest of IIT Jodhpur, Prometeo’20. The challenge was to design a new wastewater management system that separates different kinds of wastewaters and treats them differently (as in the case of garbage). With the vision, “to fulfil the sustainable goal of clean water and sanitation”, participants were expected to develop a model/prototype/simulation using any technology for waste water domains such as:
  • Household waste
  • Hotel waste
  • Chemical/Textile Industry waste

There were 8 teams who participated in this event. This event was a great success as it mainly focussed on one of the most important SDG: “Clean Water Sanitation”.