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Gratitude Day celebrated at IIT Jodhpur on 06 October, 2019
Gratitude day was celebrated at IIT Jodhpur on 06 October, 2019 on the occasion of German Thanksgiving Day. The event was organized by Student Counselling Services team of IIT Jodhpur under the theme 'Selfitude' (Self-Gratitude). The event was celebrated to shower gratitude towards people who have played important roles in one's life and most importantly, gratitude towards self. A photo wall with photos of students were displayed and people visited, relived memories and wrote funny hashtags. The Open Mic gave an opportunity for the students to unleash their hidden talents in music, poetry etc. IIT Jodhpur Junta showcased their talent. Postcards were distributed and will be collected, delivered to the receivers giving them a unique feeling of bonding and togetherness. Overall, it was a day to remember as people danced, performed on the stage, ate cotton candy, tried gems shots, clicked selfies and smiled a bit more.