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IDRP-Digital Humanities Guest Lecture by Dr. Arjun Ghosh, IIT Delhi, on August 16, 2019
Date and Venue Information:
16 August 2019, 4:30 PM,  105, Lecture Hall Building 

Title of Lecture
Copywrongs and Technologyby Dr. Arjun Ghosh, Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. 
About the guest speaker
Arjun Ghosh is Associate Professor of Literature at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Delhi. Dr. Ghosh has also served as a fellow at the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla. His research interests include theatre and performance, digital relations and digitised society, IPR, copyright and the relations of power in a digitised world. Associated with the Digital Humanities Alliance of India (DHAI), Dr. Ghosh has published Nabanna: Of Famine and Resilience (Rupa, 2018), Freedom from Profit: Eschewing Copyright in Resistance Art (IIAS, 2014) and A History of the Jana Natya Manch: Plays for the People (Sage, 2012).
Abstract of Talk
Copyright as a concept was born as a compromise between the desire of the state to control knowledge production and of capital to realise profit. It was the coming of print that necessitated this compromise. This paper traces the birth of copyright to establish the link between technology, state power and the evolution of copyright legislation. This it does to question the basis for copyright and related intellectual property legislation in an era where communication and knowledge production is rapidly moving to the digital domain.