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An Introductory Session as part of the Course Performing Arts
Date and Venue Information:
01 August 2019,  308, Lecture Hall Building 

Profile of the Speaker
Mr. Nitin is a folklore promoter of Rajasthan. Mr. Nitin has works in "Rupayan Sansthan" (Rajasthan Institute of Folklore) as Field Researcher and Documentation in Audio and Video. Experience of approx 400 hours of audio and video recording, editing and production of Rajasthani performing arts. Mr. Nitin is working with over hundreds of folk artists of Rajasthan from last 15 years.
Program Summary
An introductory session as part of the course Performing Arts was conducted on Thursday, 1st August 2019 at LH-308 between 4-5pm. The session was convened by Mr Nitin Harsh, Director, Rhythms of Rajasthan; during which, a brief of the various folk art forms of Rajasthan and the associated instruments was presented. During the session Mr Harsh also threw light on his journey from being a science student to becoming an artist in the Rajasthani folklore. Through their website Mr Harsh presented a virtual demonstration of several different musical instruments being used in the Rajasthani folk music; a few to name are Morchang, Sindhi Sarangi, Algoja and Khartaal. An introduction of the classical poetry form of the Rajasthani literature i.e. Dingal was beautifully presented along with different dance forms like Teratali, Bhavai and Kalbelia. Finally, an introduction and demonstration of one of the prominent folklores of the Jodhpur region known as “Pabuji Ki Phad” was presented.
To conclude the session, there was an ecstatic live performance on Rawanhatha (one of the most famous classical musical instruments of the Jodhpur Region) by Mr Sugnaram who accompanied Mr Harsh. A few select picture and video clips are shared herewith for your cherishment.