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Brainstorming Session for launching of courses on Social Connect & Responsibility and Performing Arts Courses
Date and Venue Information
09 July 2019,  10 am, LHB 105, Director Board Room
Title of the Seminar
"Brainstorming Session for launching of courses on Social Connect & Responsibility and Performing Arts Courses" by Professor Sangeetha Menon and  Professor Sangeeta Kohli
Profile of the Speaker(s)
Professor Sangeetha Menon is Professor and Head, Consciousness Studies Programme, NIAS, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Her areas of interest include consciousness studies, brain sciences, altruism, Indian psychology and sciences-spirituality dialogues.  
Professor Sangeeta Kohli is Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi. She is the former Associate Dean of Student Welfare and teaches a course named Human values and technology.   
A brainstorming session was organized by the Office of Students to discuss the course content for a new non-graded one credit course offered by the Institute. The course will start with effect from the upcoming 1st semester and facilitate the inculcation of Social Connect & Responsibility components into the students. The session attendees included Prof Santanu Chaudhury, Director IIT Jodhpur; Dr. Samanwita Pal Associate Dean (Students); Faculty Advisor from the Gymkhana, Placements, Counseling Services; Faculty mentors from across the departments and the Office of Students Staff Members.  
Professor Sangeetha Menon and Professor Sangeetha Kohli shared their valuable insights and helped design the content with the committee members; the activities, structure and guidelines for the upcoming course. The main objective of the course would be to help the students in breaking the isolation, building connect with their peers & the society and practicing responsible connect through sustainability practices hence making them an individual with highest ethics, knowledge and awareness.