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Tech Expo 2019
IIT Jodhpur organized its first technical exhibition, Tech Expo 2019, on 11 April 2019 in its Karwad Campus. The exhibition showcased exciting technology projects and demonstrations conducted by the students of IIT Jodhpur as a part of its Student Science and Technology Society for social and industrial impact such as healthcare, cyber security, home automation, agriculture, and automobile industries. The event was inaugurated by Prof. SantanuChaudhury (Director, IIT Jodhpur), along Dr. Samanwita Pal (Associate Dean, Students), Mr. Amardeep Sharma (Deputy Registrar), and Dr. Rajlaxmi Chouhan (Faculty Advisor, Science and Technology Society). The event was organized and coordinated by the Secretary of Science and Technology Society, Mukesh Sharma and his team.
The star attractions among the projects included IIT Jodhpur’s two-wheeler entry to the Human-powered Vehicle Challenge (HPVC 2019), aParkinson’s Tremor Management device (that won Gold Medal at Inter-IIT TechMeet 2018), self-balancing robot, 3D printer, RC Engine Car, Arduino-based Quadcopter, wearable gaming console, TV Audience Measurement System, LED Cube, Educational DC++, Disaster Chain, RC Plane (of balsa wood), Automation and Home Security system, Smart-city Enabler (winner of Tata Crucible Hackathon Challenge 2019), Secure-IT, Real-time NewsNotification System, Wheel Mecanum Drive Platform, Jenson-mechanism based Spider Robot, andBuried Clay Pipe Irrigation for Arid regions