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National Workshop on Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces (NWIMI) 2019
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur hosted a two-day Workshop on Intelligent Multimodal Interfaces.
About the Workshop
It is high time that such an event took place to highlight the remarkable contributions which intelligent user interfaces make in so many areas of our lives. A glance through the list of expert lectures planned for the next two days reveals the amazing diversity of these applications.
This collection of lectures reports on key advances in intelligent multimodal interfaces. Multimodal interfaces are essentially computer interfaces that communicate with users using multiple media (e.g., language, graphics, animations, maps) in multiple modalities (e.g., written text, images, audios, videos) to facilitate an efficient human-computer interaction. Intelligent multimodal interfaces go beyond traditional hypermedia or hypertext environments to both process input and generate output in an intelligent, most prominently in knowledge-based manner.
Purposes of Workshop
The purposes of workshop are: (1) to bring together speakers from academia, industry, and R&D organization to report on current advances in intelligent multimedia interface systems and their underlying theories, (2) to encourage scientific interchange among these individuals, and (3) to appraise current efforts and make recommendations for future investigations. The workshop will address a broad range of issues spanning the disciplines of artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, computer graphics, cognitive sciences, software design, and information retrieval. NWIMI 2019 is delighted to feature expert lectures from the following esteemed speakers.

(1) Professor Santanu Chaudhury, IIT Jodhpur

(2) Professor Prabir Kumar Biswas, IIT Kharagpur

(3) Professor Sukhendu Das, IIT Madras

(4) Professor Bhabatosh Chanda, ISI Kolkata

(5) Professor Chetan Arora, IIT Delhi

(6) Dr. Anush Sankaran, IBM Research AI

(7) Mr. Sasikumar Ramchandran Nair, NVIDIA

(8) Dr. Anupama Mallik, Vizara Technologies
There were 107 registered participants in total, for the workshop. In addition, there was a poster session, which gave participants an opportunity to present their work to a larger audience and receive valuable feedback. A total of 9 posters were selected to demonstrate their research work during the poster session.