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9 NatFoE Symposium @ IIT Jodhpur
The National Frontiers of Engineering Symposium was launched by the INAE in 2006 as its annual flagship event. This year INAE hosted its ninth edition, the 9th National Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (9NatFoE), in Jodhpur during 5-7 June 2015. This symposium was organized by the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur.  The symposium brought together about 40 outstanding engineers (ages ~30-45 years) from companies, universities, and government labs to discuss leading-edge research and technical work across a range of engineering fields. Convening engineers from disparate fields and challenging them to think about developments and problems at the frontiers of areas different from their own lead to a variety of desirable results. These include collaborative work, the transfer of new techniques and approaches across fields, and establishment of contacts among the next generation of leaders in engineering. The format of the symposia encouraged informal collective as well as one-on-one discussions among participants. Speakers were urged to focus their talks on current cutting-edge research in their disciplines to colleagues outside their field and to address questions such as: What are the major research problems and distinctive tools of your field? What are the current limitations in advancing your field? How might insight derived from other fields contribute to overcoming these limitations? 
Past Symposia were organized at IIT Delhi (4-5 February 2006), IIT Delhi (31 March-1 April 2007), IIT Madras (24-25 October 2008), IGCAR Kalpakkam (16-17 September 2009), Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Bhubaneswar (3-5 August 2010), IIT Hyderabad (2-3 September 2011), IIT Guwahati (12-14 October 2012) and IIT Gandhinagar (5-6 September 2014).
This year around 40 young engineer participants and INAE fellows from 7 IITs, IISc, 4 DRDO laboratories and 6 industries participated in the event. The participating agencies were Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Jodhpur, Kanpur, Roorkee, Ropar; IISc Bangalore, BISR Jaipur, DRDO laboratories – Defence Laboratory, Defence Electronics Application Laboratory, Vehicle Research and Development Establishment & Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment; and industries like Tata Motors, Reliance Power, Bidgley India Pvt. Ltd., Keysight Technologies, Nanosniff Technologies and Biomedical Engineering and Technology (Incubation) Center.

The duration of the Ninth National Frontiers of Engineering (9NatFoE) Symposium was 2 and a half days (starting the evening of 5 June 2015 and finishing in the afternoon of day 7 June 2015) conducted through evenings. There were three segments to the Symposium.

(a)  Talks
  It consisted of four sessions. The 9NatFoE drew attention on the following four technology challenges of India:
  1. Arid Zone Technologies
   (e.g., Solar Energy, Water, and Green and Smart Buildings)
  2. Critical Technologies
   (e.g., Defence Technologies, and Space Technologies)
  3. Healthcare Technologies
     (e.g., Devices for Diagnostics and Treatment, and Therapeutics)
  4. Automotive Technologies
   (e.g., Hybrid Transport, and Defense Transport Vehicles)

(b) Panel Discussion
  It was on: “How to increase engagement of IITs in National Technology Missions?”
The discussion focused on innovation eco-system problems and solutions, and policy changes required. The panellists were all the session co-chairs and the discussion was moderated by the symposium co-chairs. This happened in the morning of Day 3.

(c) Pre-dinner Talks
  Two pre-dinner talks were given by Distinguished Engineers of the country, one each in the evenings of 5 June 2015 and 6 June 2015. The topics were:
  1. Space for National Development, and
  2. Industry-Academia Interactions: Research Park at IIT Madras.
  Click here for Agenda Book and more details.