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PhD Digital Humanities

IIT Jodhpur is one of the pioneering institutes in the country currently to offer an interdisciplinary doctoral degree in Digital Humanities. The Inter Disciplinary Research Platform at IIT Jodhpur facilitates this doctoral degree programme. This doctoral programme offers unique opportunities to redraw conventional disciplinary boundaries among the humanities, the social sciences, the arts, technology and engineering, and the natural sciences. Doctoral students opting for this program are expected to contribute towards integrating disciplinary approaches of the humanities, liberal arts, social sciences, and computer technologies, with cross-disciplinary theorising and research that can be avant-garde to the field of Digital Humanities. Examples of research emphases may include (but are not limited to): Digital Cultures/ Cultural Practices – Past and Present; Digital Societies; Digital Heritage (Preservation, Conservation, Restoration, Recreation); Thematic Computation Reading of Novels; Multimodal Data Analytics; Digital Epistemologies and Methods. Doctoral research in Digital Humanities shall be premised on project-oriented knowledge production, the practical application of methods, and shall involve interdisciplinary collaboration workflows. In addition to the regular PhD stipend, an additional financial assistance for research may be facilitated on a competitive basis.




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