IIT Jodhpur

Post-Doctoral Fellows

The Department of Chemistry invites applications from young Doctoral Degree holders (below the age of 35 years) to Post-Doctoral Positions in the Department. The Department of Chemistry is looking at growing in the area are:

  1. Electrochemical sensors for Soil, Water and Environment 
  2. Fabrication of Biosensors 
  3. Energy Storage Devices: Designing, Fabrication and Testing
  4. Bio-fuel
  5. Environmental Remediation
  6. Theoretical chemistry and Chemical reaction dynamics
  7. Method development and it's application in the total synthesis of biologically active natural products
  8. Computational biophysical chemistry
  9. NMR metabolomics for understanding metabolic diseases such as diabetes in western India
  10. Development and application of solid state NMR and NQR methods for materials used in medicine and defence
  11. Cascade Annulations Involving Metallocarbenes Towards Diverse Heterocycles
  12. Photoredox Catalysis Towards C-H Functionalizations
  13. Sustainable Methods Towards the Synthesis of Heterocycles and Carbocycles
  14. Asymmetric synthesis of biologically relevant small molecules
  15. Development of correlated patch-clamp and single-molecule imaging to study ion-channel dynamics in live cell
  16. Pincer Ambiphilic Metal Complex Design for CO2 activation and related Transformations


Interested persons are invited to apply online. (Click Here)