IIT Jodhpur

Undergraduate Program


Currently, the Department of Physics is not offering any undergraduate program. However, the Department is actively engaged in teaching regular physics course viz. Electromagnetism and Optics (PHL1010) to B.Tech. I year students. The Department is also offering Preparatory Physics Courses (PHL0010 and PHL0020) at IIT Jodhpur catering to the requirements of the students of various IITs.

Also, B.Tech. I Year students perform some interesting experiments in the Physics Laboratory Course (PHP1010). This course is of immense importance wherein the students are able to understand and appreciate that how the physical principles are important for various engineering disciplines and how they can be applied in various engineering problems. Strong emphasis is given on two very important aspects viz. (i) fundamental principles of physics for each of the experiments and (ii) proper recording of the observations and their documentation.

Additionally, various compulsory and elective courses offered by the Department are also open to B.Tech. students as elective courses. From the large pool of courses relating to Fundamental Physics, Multidisciplinary Science & Technology and Engineering Physics, the students can register for the courses of their choice subject to fulfillment of necessary guidelines given in the Academic Regulations of the Institute.