IIT Jodhpur

Undergraduate Curriculum for programs before 2019


The Department offers 8 compulsory courses, termed as Lifeskills course, in the B.Tech Curriculum for Programs before 2019.



HS111 English 



HS121 Rights, Responsibility, Law and Constitution      



HS211 Principles of Economics



HS221 Principles of Management 



HS311 Principles of Psychology



HS411 Basics of Leadership



HS321 Culture, Art and Heritage 



HS421 Role of Technology in the Development of India



In addition to these compulsory courses, the Department offers a diverse array of elective courses.


Undergraduate Curriculum for programs from 2019


The Department offers two compulsory courses, Communication Skill and Professional Ethics to undergraduate students.


Apart from these, a set of elective courses are also available to them.


The minor programs in the different specialization are also planned.