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UG Programs in the Department of Electrical Engineering 


The vision of the Department is to develop a world class teaching and research atmosphere by excelling in fundamental knowledge and applications of Electrical Engineering through curricular and co-curricular activities. To accomplish this, the department offers an undergraduate program in the broad discipline of electrical engineering, with embedded capability-linked specializations, for enabling the  students to pursue a chosen career path. The 4 year B.Tech program provides the core electrical engineering concepts ranging from circuit analysis and design, computing, control, communication, signal processing, and power engineering. To equip the students with the essential knowledge and problem solving skills, the curriculum provides strong foundations in basic sciences. In addition, the engineering design component is integrated throughout the structure, motivating and familiarizing students with real-world engineering challenges. Additional problem-solving skills and practical experiences are developed through design projects and state-of-the-art laboratory experiments. The structure enables the students to shape their curriculum at various stages. This includes opting for a department specialization, transition to 5-year B.Tech. and M.Tech. Dual Degree program, an additional minor in relevant areas such as Entrepreneurship.

Salient Features of the UG Programs

  • New broad-based curriculum and flexible program structure
  • Balance of theoretical foundations, hands-on, and experiential learning
  • Emphasis on design-oriented thinking, creativity, and life-long learning
  • Capability-linked Minor, Interdisciplinary, and Department-specific Specializations
  • Skillset targeted towards emerging technologies like 5G & Beyond Communication, Industry 4.0, & Smart City Technologies
  • Prepares students to compete effectively in a world of rapid technological advancements
  • Option to pursue entrepreneurship & industry collaboration through engineering innovation
  • Startup ecosystems to translate ideas into business models (Tinkering Lab, Technology Innovation & Startup Center (TISC), & Research Park)


Expected Graduate Attributes

  • Strong understanding of fundamentals of mathematics, science and engineering with emphasis on electrical technologies for Communication, Signal Processing, Devices & Circuits, Computing Systems, Control Engineering, and Power Engineering
  • Ability to apply technical skills to identify, formulate, and solve complex problems encountered in modern electrical engineering practices
  • Ability to model, analyze, design and experimentally evaluate electrical components or systems that achieve desired technical specifications, subject to certain resource constraints
  • Ability to compete effectively in a world of rapid technological advancements and assume leadership roles within academic, industrial, or entrepreneurial environments in the broad context of electrical engineering
  • Foundations for critical thinking that are needed to broaden their careers in diverse disciplines through minor/graduate-level studies and the process of lifelong learning
  • Ability to recognize and practice professional ethics in working environment
  • Ability to acquire new knowledge and apply it as needed

Learning Outcomes

  • To acquire knowledge of electrical engineering principles along with the required understanding of computing, engineering fundamentals, mathematics, and science
  • To apply the concepts of mathematics, sciences and engineering (including computing science) necessary to analyze and design complex electrical and electronic circuits and systems containing hardware and software modules
  • To gain in-depth understanding of concepts of Signals, Devices, Circuits, Systems, Machine Learning, Programming, Control, Communications, Hardware Design and related interdisciplinary topics
  • To create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, resources, electrical engineering design and computing tools to solve complex engineering problems with an understanding of the limitations through laboratory exercises and design projects
  • To perform literature review and patent landscaping for innovative research
  • To adapt to work in multidisciplinary environment
  • To understand professional ethics and social responsibilities
  • To communicate effectively
  • To engage in independent and life-long learning in the context of technological advancements.
  • To conduct product design or entrepreneurial activities


BTech (4 Years)

This program is designed to provide students a basic exposure to Engineering with focus on the various domains of Electrical Engineering. These domains have been broadly divided into following areas: Communication, Computing Systems, Control Engineering, Devices and Circuits, Signal Processing, and Power Engineering. The program aims to connect academics to current emerging technologies and industrial requirements in these domains. 

The program also encompasses rigorous experimental components along with global standard courses comparable to top most universities. The program is also flexible enough to provide students options to shape the curriculum according to their interest.  Students having inclined interest in any specific area as specified above can opt for relevant specialization. 


BTech with Specialization (4 Years)

The curriculum offers flexibility to students for pursuing capability-linked specializations of their choice. The department specializations are designed to enable students to lead technological innovations addressing the emerging industrial and societal challenges in various domains of electrical engineering. The EE students can opt for any one of the departmental specializations as mentioned below. The in-depth understanding and technical skills acquired through these specializations will enable graduates to play a vital role in advancement of technologies such as 5G/6G communications, smart cities, smart healthcare, and Industry 4.0. Students with research inclination also have options for  5-year B.Tech. and M.Tech. Dual Degree program. 

Department Specializations (Click on the respective links to know more about these specializations)


BTech with Minor (4 Years)

The institute also offers a 4-year B.Tech. program with minors in Entrepreneurship or Management or interdisciplinary specializations. Such a flexible curriculum enables students to pursue diverse career goals by choosing the curriculum based on their interests.Students will also have an opportunity to opt for a B. Tech. - Master’s dual degree in their chosen specialization or minor area. The curriculum also offers numerous options that enable students to gain industrial experience through collaborative industrial projects at industries and entrepreneurship experience at the Institute's incubation centre.


BTech-MTech Dual-degree (5 Years)

A B.Tech. student having opted for major/minor specialization with CGPA 6 or more at the end of the seventh semester and fulfilling minimum credit requirements may be allowed to switch to B.Tech.- M. Tech. dual degree program in the chosen specialization at the beginning of the eighth semester. The M.Tech degree can be any one of the approved programmes of the institute. All requirements of M.Tech. Degree will be applicable to all such students. 

B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree in SIoT

B.Tech-M.Tech Dual Degree in CPS


BTech-MBA (5 Years)

IIT Jodhpur also provides options to BTech students to earn a Tech-MBA degree via a transition program. Students having inclination towards business can opt for this dual-degree program at the start of 5th semester. This program offers a range of specializations such as  Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Financial Engineering, Technology Consulting, Technology Product Management.

The Tech-MBA is a reflection of the growing demand for business leaders to have an exposure in various technological fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), fintech and robotics.  Tech-MBA is a new wholesome program totally focussing on the tech sector such as digital finance, data analytics and AI, as well as digital transformation. The aim of such a program is to enable students to apply their tech expertise within a business context. The program focuses on covering important aspects of corporate strategy analysis of top tech companies, like Amazon, Google, and tech-centric companies, such as start-ups in addition to business strategy. The economics and operations are going to be introduced with strong emphasis on the digital economy and supply chain in e-commerce companies respectively.


Click here to view and download the BTech EE Flyer.  

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