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Under Graduate Program 

Vision of the Department of Chemistry is to achieve academic excellence and be acknowledged for high quality fundamental, sustainable, and translational research in chemical sciences and allied research areas that addresses continuously evolving current global issues on energy, food, water, and healthcare. Along this line, the department has initiated an engineering-linked four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Science (BS) in chemistry program with specialization in a focused area to attract and foster young and aspiring minds who are driven by curiosity and interested in cutting-edge research and technologies across the disciplines of chemical science. The central theme of this program is science-based engineering innovation and through this undergraduate programme in chemistry at IIT Jodhpur, we are striving to cross the barrier of traditional paths and planning to establish ourselves to become a leading department at the interplay of science and technology. This uniquely blended program is along the line of National Education Policy, as well as the Institute's vision of holistic development of students. 


This undergraduate program is designed to transmit fundamental knowledge in basic science and engineering during the first few semesters, which develops critical analytical thinking and forms the basis of diverse skill sets used by scientists and engineers to innovate, design, and develop technologies for the future. Students undergo comprehensive training in advanced concepts of chemistry for the next two years. The inclusion of a substantial component of courses from other science and engineering departments makes the program quite interdisciplinary in nature. The final year of the curriculum is designed towards specialization in a focused area. The flexibility of opting for different specializations is ingrained in formulating the structure and curriculum of the programme. During this year, the students get to experience the joys and rigors of original research currently being pursued and consider a variety of career paths through capability-linked specializations of their choice. In the specialization, emphasis is given to the emerging areas in Chemistry to meet societal and industrial needs, and ever-growing sustainability demands. The graduating students of this program shall be equipped with requisite skill-sets required to assume leadership positions in the different sectors of industry, further their career in higher studies, or embark on entrepreneurial ventures to address present day unmet challenges of the country.


Objectives of the program

The objectives of this program are:

  • to equip new generation aspiring minds with engineering linked chemical science skill sets enabling them to opt for challenging career paths at various levels of academia and industry;
  • to impart education towards understanding of the concepts of chemical science, basic engineering, and allied areas enabling the students to tackle societal problems through an interdisciplinary approach;
  • to integrate analytical and computational abilities with experimental skills to create individuals competent in professional science practices;  
  • to facilitate and promote entry into research at an early stage through a flexible and borderless curriculum;
  • to inculcate an attitude towards commitment to scientific ethics, leadership qualities, entrepreneurship, and professional development for the future generation;
  • to instill the approach of collaborative research between academia and industry targeting sustainability. 


Expected Graduate Attributes:

Graduates of the program are expected to have following attributes:

  • Strong understanding of fundamentals of science and engineering with emphasis on chemical science.
  • A strong foundation in the analytical, experimental, and computational methods to study various aspects of chemical science.
  • Foundations for critical thinking that are needed to broaden their careers in diverse cross-disciplines.
  • Ability to acquire new knowledge, integrate in the existing paradigm, and innovate solutions as per the requirement. 
  • Capability to appreciate synthetic methods for the development of important chemical products such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, paints, petrochemicals, food additives, plastics, etc. 
  • Ability to handle analytical, spectroscopic, microscopic and other instrumentation methods for interdisciplinary research areas. 
  • Use of computational tools to understand and analyse chemical and biophysical processes, molecular structures and advanced materials.
  • Ability to comprehend, write, and present scientific articles and technical reports.
  • Ability to engage in ethical and responsible practices while pursuing professional growth.


Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire strong fundamentals in theoretical and practical aspects of organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as other branches of basic science and engineering. 
  • Apply the concepts of science and basic engineering to analyse and design complex novel materials, and molecular complexes having potential applications to society. 
  • Develop skills on hands-on wet chemistry, analytical, instrumentation, and experimental data handling to tackle scientific problems. 
  • Perform literature review and patent landscaping for innovative research.
  • Develop communication skills by participating in classroom presentations, seminars and workshops on manuscript / patent writing / presentation skills.
  • Value of team work and group discussion in problem solving, and time management to continue co-curricular activities without compromising academics.
  • To understand professional ethics and social responsibilities.


Unique Features of the B.S. Program 

BS in Chemistry is a uniquely blended engineering-linked 4 years undergraduate science programme.

  • Well-designed curriculum to develop critical analytical thinking and to equip with required skill sets required by scientists and engineers to innovate, design and develop technology for the future.
  • Opportunity to opt for capability-linked departmental and interdisciplinary Specialization on frontiers areas of science.
  • Students interested to embark in entrepreneurial ventures have the opportunity to be specialized in Entrepreneurship.
  • Emphasis on industry relevant sustainable innovations.
  • Option to opt for BS- M. tech dual degree in select specialization. B.S.

 M.Tech. dual degree program

  • Opportunity to work on cutting edge research projects    

B.S. with Specialization (4 years)

Chemistry BS students explore subjects critical to advancement in today’s needs — from everyday common know-how to critical problems in different inter/multi-disciplinary domains using the fundamental and applied chemical science knowledge blended for present and future complex issues/challenges. One of the key salient features of the BS Chemistry program at the IIT Jodhpur is that the curriculum offers enormous flexibility to students for pursuing capability-linked specializations of their choice. The Department’s core specializations are designed to enable students to lead future technological innovations addressing the emerging industrial and societal challenges in following domains

  1. Computational Chemistry
  2. Spectroscopy & Analytical Methods
  3. Catalysis & Synthesis
  4. Advanced Energy Materials
  5. Entrepreneurship


B.S.-M.Tech. dual degree with specialization (5 years)

A B.S. student fulfilling minimum credit requirements may be allowed to switch to B.S.- M. Tech. dual degree program in the select specialization. The M.Tech degree can be any one of the approved programmes of the institute. All requirements of M.Tech. Degree will be applicable to all such students. 


The department of Chemistry at IIT Jodhpur is also actively involved in an innovative Science-linked Undergraduate Curriculum developed by the Institute for B.Tech. students. The proposed curriculum ensures an effective and meaningful participation of the department of Chemistry towards the holistic development of undergraduate B.Tech. students.



Besides the core engineering curriculum, the undergraduate program at IIT Jodhpur allows students to pursue courses of their interest in basic and interdisciplinary science disciplines. This is an important aspect of our curriculum as it further creates an opportunity for students to integrate diverse academic spaces and to experience the joy of interdisciplinarity. The undergraduate B.Tech. students at the department of Chemistry receive extensive hands-on training with their involvement in various research projects. The liaison of undergrad students and faculty members at the department of Chemistry leads to students developing professional skills, formulating cutting-edge problems, and creating transcripts of their work culminating into research articles. 

Precisely, on the teaching front, the department offers following compulsory courses to the B.Tech. students;

CYL1010- Chemistry

CYP1010 – Chemistry Laboratory

CYL2010- Nanoscience

In addition to compulsory courses, we also offer fractal courses to undergraduate students of different disciplines.

To add different dimensions to the B.Tech. Curriculum, department also offers a set of electives to broaden their horizons.