IIT Jodhpur

Under Graduate Program 


The department of Chemistry at IIT Jodhpur is actively involved in an innovative Science-linked Undergraduate Curriculum developed by the Institute for B.Tech. students. Although the department does not offer an undergraduate program of its own, the proposed curriculum ensures an effective and meaningful participation of the department of Chemistry towards the holistic development of undergraduate students. A figure depicting the salient features of undergraduate curriculum is presented below 



Besides the core engineering curriculum, the undergraduate program at IIT Jodhpur allows students to pursue courses of their interest in basic and interdisciplinary science disciplines. This is an important aspect of our curriculum as it further creates an opportunity for students to integrate diverse academic spaces and to experience the joy of interdisciplinarity. The undergraduate students at the department of Chemistry receive extensive hands-on training with their involvement in various research projects. The liaison of undergrad students and faculty members at the department of Chemistry leads to students developing professional skills, formulating cutting-edge problems, and creating transcripts of their work culminating into research articles. 

In recent years, we have witnessed a welcomed change in teaching pedagogy, an increase in faculty strength, and an increased academic and research association beyond the boundaries of the department. Precisely, on the teaching front, the department offers following compulsory courses to the B.Tech. students;

CYL1010- Chemistry

CYP1010 – Chemistry Laboratory

CYL2010- Nanoscience

In addition to compulsory courses, we also offer fractal courses to undergraduate students of different disciplines.


To add different dimensions to the B.Tech. Curriculum, we further plan to offer a set of electives to broaden their horizons- listed below are some of the representative courses

  1. Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Industry
  2. Applications of Quantum Chemistry
  3. Chemosensors
  4. Computational Biophysics
  5. Industrial Catalysis
  6. Nanoscience
  7. Organic Chemistry in Industry
  8. Selectivity in Organic Reactions
  9. Spectroscopic determination of Organic and Inorganic compounds
  10. Computational Biophysics


In case of any query, please contact, Department UG Course Committee:

  1. Prof. Subrata Chakraborty (Chairman; subrata@iitj.ac.in )
  2. Prof. Rohan Erande (Member; rd.erande@iitj.ac.in)
  3. Prof. Dibyendu Kumar Sasmal (Member; sasmal@iitj.ac.in)