IIT Jodhpur

A total of 68 students are currently enrolled in the department of chemical engineering


Number of postgraduate students 33
Number of undergraduate students 35




Name: Siddharth Saraswati saraswati.1@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: P20CH002
BTech : Chemical Engineering from MIT Manipal, Karnataka
MSc : in Polymer Science from University of Freiburg, Germany and University of Strasbourg, France
Research Area: Structure-property relations in epoxy blends for electronic packaging
Supervisor : Dr. Deepak Arora


     rahul                Name: Rahul Painuly  painuly.1@iitj.ac.in
Roll No: D20CH004
B.Tech: Hindustan college of science and Technology, Mathura
Research Area: Electrocoalescence of water-in-oil emulsion stabilised by polymeric and surfactant droplets
Supervisor: Dr. Vikky Anand


   Saswat       Name: Shashwat Bishwanathan  bishwanathan.1@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: D20CH006
B.E : Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology Sangrur Punjab (2019)
Research Area: Selective Seawater electrolysis for hydrogen production, OER, CER, HER
Supervisor: Dr. Prashant Kumar Gupta


     Goga RAm          Name: Goga Ram ram.3@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: D20CH002
B.Tech (Chemical Engineering): NIT, Nagpur (2020)
Research Area: Understanding the effect of Magic Methyl in polymer solutions
Supervisor: Dr. Nirmalya Bachhar
   mukesh        Name: Mukesh Kumar   kumar.203@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: D20CH003
B.Tech (chemical engineering): GGU, Central University, Bilaspur (C.G)
Research Area: Molecular modelling and simulation for carbon capture at high temperature
Supervisor: Dr. Angan Sengupta


     Shefali                  Name: Shefali Gupta  gupta.87@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No. P20CH202
BTech: ITM University Gwalior
Mtech: NIT Jalandhar
Research area: Molecular Modelling and Simulations to study blast furnace gas mixture properties inside porous network
Supervisor: Dr. Angan Sengupta



Name: Chaitanya Dharmendrakumar Gandhi gandhi.4@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: D21CH003
B.Tech (Chemical Engineering): L.J. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ahemdabad
Research Area: Molecular Dynamics simulations of Polyaniline to understand the morphological properties and applications.
Supervisor: Dr. Praveen Kumar Sappidi


Saweta       Name: Sweta Jha  p22ch007@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: P22CH007
B.E : Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology,Sangrur, Punjab (2019)
M. Tech: Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, Punjab (2022)
Research Area : Molecular Simulation of understanding the separation of furfurals.
Supervisor: Dr. Praveen Kumar Sappidi


Salim Name : Mohd Salim Siddique p22ch202@iitj.ac.in
Roll No : P22CH202


      Hemant                   Name: Hemant Vaidhya  p22ch003@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: P22CH003
B.Tech (Chemical Engineering): RITEE, Raipur(2017)
M.Tech (Chemical Engineering): NIT Raipur (2021)
Research Area: Fabrication of low cost ceramic membrane for water and wastewater applications.
Supervisor: Dr. Vikky Anand & Prof Pradip K Tewari


  etisha       Name: Etisha Bhardwaj  p23ch0001@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No: P23CH0001
B.Tech (Civil Engineering), PDPU,2019
Research Area: Tailored polymer based hollow fiber membranes for societal applications
Supervisor: Dr. Vikky Anand & Prof Pradip K Tewari


   Sarangi                         Name: SARANGI V S sarangi.2@iitj.ac.in 
Roll no: P21CH001
BTech: University of Calicut, Kerala
MTech: APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University, Kerala
Research topic: Molecular-Designing of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes Using  Computational Approach to Reduce Methanol Crossover in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Supervisor: Dr. Angan Sengupta


Rahul      Name : Rahul Kumar P22ch005@iitj.ac.in 
Roll No : P22CH005
B.Tech ( Chemical Engineering): Hindustan college of science and Technology, Mathura
M.Tech (Petroleum Processing & Petrochemical Engineering): Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Research Area: Epoxy Composites for electronic packaging: Microstructure and properties evolution.
Supervisor : Dr. Deepak Arora


Anushka    Name: Anushka Gajanan Kunde  d23che001@iitj.ac.in 
Roll no.: D23CHE001
B.Tech(Chemical Technology): Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati ,Maharashtra.
Year of passing B.Tech:2023
Research area: Mn and V based oxides as cathode materials for zinc ion batteries.
Supervisor: Dr. Prashant Kumar Gupta



Name: B.S Thirumalesh p22ch008@iitj.ac.in 
Roll no.: P22CH008
BE : Chemical Engineering from RVCE Bangalore (Affiliated to VTU Belgaum), Karnataka 2002
MTech : Chemical Plant Design from NITK Surathkal Karnataka 2005
Research Area: Plasmon enhanced photocatalysis for energy and environmental applications
 Supervisor : Dr. Ramesh Asapu


       Name : Saloni Ojha  d23che002@iitj.ac.in
Roll No: D23CHE002
B.Tech : (chemical engineering): school of studies of engineering and technology,Guru ghasidas University, Bilaspur (2020)
Research Area: Electrolyzer for hydrogen production
Supervisor: Dr. Prashant Kumar Gupta


     Name: Deepa Kshirsagar p23ch0004@iitj.ac.in
Roll No: P23CH0004
B.E(Chemical Engineering): Sinhgad College of Engineering,Pune
M.Tech(Chemical Engineering: Computer Aided Process Design)L.D College of Engineering,Ahmedabad
Research Area: Tailored membrane for selective Ion recovery
Supervisor: Dr.Vikky Anand and Prof.Pradip K Tewari