IIT Jodhpur
Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof. Manish Dev Shrimali titled "Machine Learning with Dynamical Systems" on 13 October 2021

The sixth speaker of the webinar series Deep Diving into Physics, Prof. Manish Dev Shrimali, Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer introduced the concepts of Machine Learning to our students.



Machine learning is the computational framework to make computers perform intelligent tasks where a machine figures out its own rules by analyzing a sufficient number of given examples. Reservoir Computing (RC) is a machine learning framework where a dynamical system is used to perform the data analysis instead of a traditional computer. This RC is a promising architecture as it requires very small training data sets, uses linear optimization, and thus requires minimal computing resources. It uses the dynamical system itself as a computing substrate to encode the input into high-dimensional states and a linear readout to analyze those patterns to extract the required output.