IIT Jodhpur
Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Subir K. Das titled "Describing Disease Spread: A scaling approach of phase transition" on 6 October 2021

The fifth speaker of the webinar series Deep Diving into Physics, Prof Subir K Das, Professor and Chair, Theoretical Sciences Unit, JNCASR, Bangalore talked about physics concept that can be used in predicitng the spread of infectitious diseases such as COVID  to our students.



Following COVID-19, there has been a renewed interest in the understanding of disease spread. The expected exponential growth of infections at the beginning of an epidemic can be understood via simple mathematical arguments. However, the understanding is limited for the late time progress. I will discuss results, obtained by adopting theoretical methods of phase transitions, to show how a complete wave of an epidemic can be described by simple looking mathematical functions. By analyzing data from a large set of countries, I will emphasize that there exists universality in the spread, despite differences in aspects like culture, climate and economy.