IIT Jodhpur | हिंदी संस्करण
Panel Discussion on "Higher Studies as a Career Strategy"

Agenda: Often after good academics, e.g., B.Tech. /M. Tech. from IIT/IIIT/BITS, one has an option to go for a job or higher studies, e.g. an MS or a Ph.D. At this stage many students get confused. The agenda of our interactive panel discussion is to investigate the following questions from those who went for higher studies directly after doing their undergrad from a top technical school in India or after leaving their jobs:
         1. What are the expectations to get admission to high-ranked schools for research studies?
         2. Is research my cup of tea?
         3. Pros and cons of choosing higher education instead of going for jobs (experience vs education).
         4. Logistics issues such as when to apply, getting recommendation letters, etc.

When?: November 2, 2020 -- 10:30-11:30 PM (IST)