IIT Jodhpur
Vanguard Lecture by Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh

A Vanguard Lecture in Electromagnetism and Optics was delivered by Rupamanjari Ghosh, Professor, School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, on 18 August 2015.
Title: Let there be a light
The connection between scientific research and industrial development was stressed in this lecture. It was illustrated, by a number of examples, how pure scientific research can lead to a technological revolution. In particular, the development of optics through the ages was sketched. In modern times, it widely recognized that the primary tool to describe nature is quantum mechanics. The amalgamation of quantum mechanics with optics leads to what is known as quantum optics. This, started as a pure theoretical venture in the 1960’s is now responsible for a large number of technological innovations, such as Lasers. In this lecture, the development of quantum optics was sketched out for the benefit of students.
Brief Biography of the Speaker
Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh did her undergraduate studies at Presidency College, Kolkata. After this, she went for her graduate studies at Rochester University, USA. Rochester is one of the key centres of development of Quantum Optics. At Rochester, she worked under the guidance of Prof. Mandel. Her work with Mandel on Single Photon correlations was one of the first studies of this kind and heralded the era of Quantum Information. She has been working at the School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, since the last twenty five years. Currently, she is the Director, School of Natural Sciences at Shiv Nadar University, UP.