IIT Jodhpur
Talk on "Topological Entropy and its computation" on 30 January 2020

       30 January 2020,  4:00 PM – 4:30 PM 
      Topological Entropy and its computation
        Aishwaraya Goyal, Research Scholar
Name of the supervisor:
       Dr. V.V.M.S Chandramouli
Area of research/Interest:
      Dynamical System

Topological entropy measures the rate of increase in dynamical Complexity as the system evolves with time. The positive topological entropy indicates that the system is chaotic. Higher positive entropy indicates high complexity in the system. There are many ways to calculate the topological entropy, all of them have equal importance according to the system. The only difference is their accuracy and speed with they give the topological entropy. In this talk we will discuss about different definitions of topological entropy and one algorithm to compute the topological entropy.