IIT Jodhpur
Departmental Seminar by Ms. Anoopa Joshi on 20 November 2019

 20 November 2019, 5:00-5:30 PM, Room No.101, CSE Building

Title of Talk:
Chaotic Maps: Applications to Cryptography and Network Generation for the Graph Laplacian Quantum States
About the Speaker  
Ms. Anoopa Joshi, Ph.D. Student, IIT Jodhpur  
Name of the supervisor  
 Dr. Atul Kumar  
Area of research/Interest  
Quantum Entanglement, Information Processing and its relation to graph theory  
We proposed a new chaotic map and is compared with existing chaotic maps such as Logistic map and Tent map. The value of maximal Lyapunov exponent of the proposed chaotic map goes beyond 1 and shows more chaotic behavior than existing one-dimensional chaotic maps. This shows that proposed chaotic maps are more effective for cryptographic applications.  
Further, we are using one-dimensional chaotic maps to generate random time series data and define a method to create a network. Lyapunov exponent and entropy of the data are considered to measure the randomness or chaotic behavior of the time series data. We study the relationship between concurrence (for the two-qubit quantum states) and Lyapunov exponent with respect to initial condition and parameter of the logistic map which is showing how chaos can lead to concurrence based on such Lyapunov exponents.