IIT Jodhpur
Departmental Seminar on `Scattering in random materials` by Shraddha Choudhary, Ph.D student on 06 November, 2019

 06 November 2019, 5:00-5:30 PM, Room No.101, CSE Building

Title of Talk:
Scattering in Random Metamaterials    
About the Speaker  
Shraddha Choudhary, Ph.D. Student, IIT Jodhpur  
Name of the supervisor  
 Dr Kirankumar Hiremath  
Area of research/Interest  
Microwave metamaterials  
About the Talk  

For the past several decades, Metamaterials have attracted immense interest in the scientific community due to their ability to manipulate incident electromagnetic waves. They are described as engineered composites made up of periodic or nonperiodic arrays of the sub-wavelength unit cell, designed to achieve electromagnetic properties unavailable in nature. One of the prominent applications of metamaterials is in stealth technology. Stealth technology is an inevitable part of any military platform. With rapid development in the field of detection, advanced stealth features are required. The key objective in the stealth technology is to reduce significantly the radar cross-section (RCS) of objects such as missiles and aircrafts.

Typically, the RCS reduction is mainly achieved by four ways:

1. using radar absorbing materials (RAMs) which convert incident electromagnetic (EM) waves into heat,
2. altering the shape of the scatterer so that the overall backscattering can be reduced,
3. nvisibility cloak for redirecting the incident EM waves around the object unaltered, and
4. phase cancellation or destructive interference. However, these methods suffer with various drawbacks, which include complexity in design and availability of limited operational bandwidth.