IIT Jodhpur
Special Distinguished Lecture Notice

Vanguard Lecture
Department of Mechanical Engineering invites all Faculty Members, Scientists, Scholars, and Students interested to know more, perform research in the area of Materials, and Design with Materials, for a Distinguished Lecture by Professor Anandh Subramaniam, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

Date and Venue Information:
14 August 2015, 9.00 am, Room No. 2005, Academic Block II

Title of Lecture:
"Microstructure Engineering: the Pathway to Properties"

A component (like a gearwheel) forms an important part of an equipment or device (like a gearbox, which is a part of a car). The performance of the component depends on its properties. A component is manufactured using fabrication routes like casting, machining, forging, etc. (the gearwheel could be made using casting and machining), which influences the 'microstructure' of the material. The microstructure is the scale of the material between the atomic scale and the scale of the component, which determines many of the properties of the material. Microstructure can be functionally defined as: {[phases + defects + residual stress} and their distributions]. By a proper design of the manufacturing process we can get 'tailor-made' microstructures, which have a specific set of properties.

Keywords: Materials Processing, Engineering Component, Microstructure.


Brief CV
Anandh Subramaniam did his B.Tech. from IIT Madras, followed by an M.E. and a Ph.D. from IISc., Bangalore. Then he served as a scientist in CSIR's Regional Research Laboratory at Bhopal followed by the position of a Guest Scientist at Max Planck Institute for Research in Metals at Stuttgart (as a Max Planck Fellow and as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow). After serving as a Faculty Member in the Department of Applied Mechanics at IIT Delhi, he joined IIT Kanpur in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
Selected awards received by him include The Shri Ram Arora International Award for Materials Science and Engineering Education (TMS, USA) and Young Research Award (IUMRS). His areas of interest are Physical Materials Science, Nanomaterials, Quasicrystals, Amorphous Materials, Metastable Materials, Epitaxial Systems, Defects & Interfaces in Materials, Symmetry, Crystallography, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Finite Element Method. Using theory, computational theory, computer simulation and experiments he has published papers on Metals, Semiconductors and Insulators (Ceramics). He has prepared two video courses and has written an e-book on Materials Science & Engineering, for undergraduates.