IIT Jodhpur
Dr. Shankar Manoharan, Assistant Professor, Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering delivered a presentation on "Disentangling Virulence Regulation in a Hospital-Associated Pathogen" at the DELTAS Africa Annual meeting held at Dakar

Dr. Manoharan, who is also an Early Career Fellow funded by the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance was nominated to represent the India Alliance in the DELTAS (Developing Excellence in Leadership, Training and Science) Africa Annual meeting held at Dakar, Senegal. The DELTAS Africa initiative is jointly funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Department of International Development (UK). The 2019 DELTAS Africa Annual meeting brought together around 400 attendees from 11 DELTAS Africa networks, partner institutions, policy makers, funding bodies and other key stakeholders. Dr. Shankar Manoharan presented an overview of the research that his group is undertaking at the Microbial Physiology Lab, IIT Jodhpur.
Dr. Shankar Manoharan, presenting an overview of his research work undertaken at Microbial Physiology Lab, IIT Jodhpur 
One of the key highlights of the meeting was an inspiring lecture by and stirring discussions with Nobel laureate Prof. Martin Chalfie on his award winning discovery of the Green Fluorescent Protein. The visit to this conclave has also sown the seeds for potential academic collaborations and student exchange programs with African Institutions in the research area of infectious diseases that are prevalent in both Africa and in India.
Dr. Shankar Manoharan with Nobel laureate Prof. Martin Chalfie